This is an exciting moment.  After blogging exclusively about weddings for the last year and a half I’m officially back to droning on and on about anything and everything!

My name is Stephanie.  I don’t go by the nickname Steph but if you’re The Glue or The Father or any other male in my family you can probably get away with calling me that (Does that sound sexist?  Great start Steph).  I have been a dramatic girl since my birth in 1983.  And yes, I just publicly shared my age and if you can do math (I cannot) you’ll find that I’m turning thirty this year.

I want to say something like “relationships take work” but that’s super cliché and a boring premise for a blog.  Relationships are a part of everyday life.  They are the foundation of everything and the best part of being alive.  They can be messy and dynamic but it is in relating to others that we find peace and joy and love.  Is not the sweetest part about observing a beautiful sunset sharing it with someone special?

I realize I’m a huge cornball.  To say I’m an emotional person is a bit of an understatement, I cry when I’m happy, sad, angry, etc, and I like to refer to myself as a needy freak.  But I LOVE people.  As an extrovert I thrive on all my relationships.  They make me who I am.  I need my family and friends just as much as I need my partner.  I need to be surrounded by fellow artists just as much as I need to be surrounded by rational, left-brain thinkers.  I want to be connected to God the same way I want to be connected to my future children.  I love my nanny kids and my dog more than I thought possible and I’ve known the former for six years and the latter for two weeks.

Sorry, that got deep.  But the thing is, I don’t write fluff.  Writing is cathartic for me, it’s spiritual, and a way to connect with others.  I despise elevator small talk and smart one-liners about the weather.  So on occasion I might talk about things that are cringe-worthy, shock-worthy, or blush-worthy.  But hopefully you’ll see all my writing comes from a place of love, non-judgement, and egotistical-based humor.

The reason people like me is two-fold, (yes I will be so bold as to say people like me) 1. I am an open book.  I share my life, and I will listen to yours.  And 2. I can laugh at myself.  If you ask The Scottish, one of his favorite things about me is my ability to take the piss at myself (Scottish phrase number one).  Laughing breathes life into any good relationship.

I know this is going to sound like I’m bragging but I have been told by a 7-year-old that I am “kinda pretty.”  Wouldn’t you agree?

spikey hair DH

If being kinda pretty isn’t reason enough for you to follow this blog, then I don’t know what is.

Drama Happens.  So let’s deal with it.

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2 Responses to “Welcome to Drama Happens!”

  1. The BFF

    1. “kinda pretty” = understatement of the year
    2. Can’t wait to read!!
    3. Clear any embarrassing stories which involve The BFF with The BFF before your post, k? 🙂
    4. You rock!


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