The Scottish and I recently got a dog.  And man is she cute!  I hereby promise to post frequent and adorable doggie pictures as often as I can, look here’s one now!


But first, how did this happen??

Three weeks after arriving in Kansas, we were officially dog owners.  Before that The Scottish and I had been living in The City and it just wasn’t a plausible idea with our schedules, lifestyle, and housing situation, but it had always been in the back of our minds.  The Scottish and I both grew up with dogs in our families but neither of us had been the prime care-taker.  We were eager to grow our little family.  And a cat was never an option.  Never.

I like to tell people we bought fake Animal Lover ID’s on the black market in Kansas City because it seems you need to be an animal lover in order to adopt one.  The truth is, we’re shams.  Animal liking frauds.  Most animals gross me out.  And I do not want to pet every dog I see, does that make me a bad person?  Probably.  I’m a great dog owner but I’m not sure I’ll ever be a part of The Dog Club.

Once The Scottish and I had made the decision to get a dog I first had to conversation wrestle with The Mother and The BFF who wanted to make sure I was A) ready for this and B) not getting a dog for the wrong reasons.  Turns out those two were my easiest hurdles.

The Scottish and I began our search on Petfinder while also browsing animal shelters and foster care websites for adoption info and tips.  We soon found out we were way out of our league once it came time to filling out the adoption applications:

Are you familiar with the dog responsibility and liability laws in your area?  Umm, no, ask my lawyer.

Who will care for your pet when you’re away over Thanksgiving? Christmas? Easter? Fourth of July? Labor Day?  Etc??  Well, we’re going to board the dog for the first few times and then when we move closer to family they can watch the dog.  That’s OK, right??

What do you know about the dog/breed you wish to adopt?  Well, Google says these breeds are good for apartments and probably children too.  Is there going to be a quiz later?

How many hours a day will your dog be without human companionship?  Shall I plan on never leaving the house then?

How much money do you expect to spend per year on the care of this dog?  A billion dollars.  Will that be enough?  My husband is foreign so his credit card limit is only 300 dollars but we can apply for more.

Have you ever surrendered a pet?  Can you repeat the question?

Have you ever had a pet euthanized?   No!!  (sobbing)

Of course most of their questions are totally appropriate and make sense when you think about it.  They want to be certain they are finding proper homes for their animals and not just repeating cycles of neglect, abuse, and over breeding (is that what it’s called?).

But we were still terrified and starting to doubt our own credibility.  I mean, I walk around pet stores with a disgusted look on my face and my nose all scrunched up.  Surely they would find me out!

True story, we walked into adoption events at both Petsmart and Petco and were given the either the disapproving eye, or worse, ignored!  Apparently, the lady who brought in those 9 foster dogs wants to go home with all 9 of them.

I knew deep down we would be good doggie parents but it felt like if we weren’t obsessing over every creature we were NOT SERIOUS ENOUGH about adopting.  After the first weekend The Scottish and I went home dejected but we regrouped and narrowed our search.  We sent out emails, and made phone calls.  We set up two one-on-one appointments with two different dogs.  We paid our Dog Club dues and we were rewarded with a beautiful brindle mutt.


And we found our little girl shortly after.  Next week, McKenna’s adoption story!

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