DramaLite is an ongoing series that gives us all a little break from the heavier topics of life with a moment of awkward reflection.  I will share a short tidbit about my past or present in the hopes that maybe you have a similar one.  Truthfully, I can’t get enough of laughter, so let’s take the seriousness out of life with DramaLite.


High School:

A few of my close high school friends and I used to style our own photo shoots while hanging out together at sleepovers or if we were bored after school.  The amount of pictures I have of us acting dumb silly is outrageous.  We enjoyed dressing up and taking pictures of ourselves (who doesn’t?).  At that time we were also involved in the marching band, and one day we decided to wear our band uniform pants with just the suspenders over our bras.  I WISH I didn’t still have the proof.
band uniform


Please tell me someone else used to do ridiculous photo shoots with their friends too!?!?  🙂

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