I Married a Foreigner Part One: The Journey

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Our first trip to visit his hometown in 2010. Our first trip to visit his hometown in 2010.

Have I mentioned before that my husband is Scottish?  Only an obnoxious amount of times I’m sure.  And have I clarified that he’s Scottish as in he was born IN Scotland and grew up in a small town called Airdrie just outside of Glasgow?  Have I mentioned that parents and sister and friends still live there and he has a British passport and an accent? My husband is one of those people who love to try news things (puke) and when his first job out of Uni told him they required LOTS of travel, Read more […]

The Big Bowl of Candy

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Grandpa F and Grandma J in their kitchen, aren't they the cutest? Grandpa F and Grandma J in their kitchen, aren't they the cutest?

This week’s Remember the Time blog hop theme is cooking. If you haven’t read this post on my wife failures you might not understand the lack of viable material I’m working with here, but funnily enough, I DO have a food related story for you all. And I like to think I’m playing my own game of how far off I can be from the original theme while still being included in the blog link-up?  Pretty sure I’m the only person playing and I’m winning. The last time I contributed a piece to the blog Read more […]

What’s So Bad About Wanting a Sister Wife?

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selfie pose with names selfie pose with names

Well, it’s about to controversial up in here.  One might even say dramatic. Full disclosure, I’m totally intrigued about this concept of a sister wife.  Before I get my first piece of hate email, let me explain.  My interest was peaked after I first saw TLC’s show Sister Wives and fell in love with their family.  I’ve also read a popular novel about a woman escaping a very unhealthy polygamist situation, and I recognize that there are tons of negative accounts of polygamist situations, but Read more […]

A Guest Post Surprise

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Hey everybody!  I have news!  But first, a quiz… If you had to guess where I have guest blog post up today which one would you choose: A) a home improvement blog B) a mommy blog C) a fitness blog D) a recipe blog If you picked C, you are correct!  If you picked anything else, you’re mostly just shocked. I know it makes more sense for me to guest post at a cupcake eating blog than a fitness blog, but sometimes the world is cray-cray. That’s right, I wrote a blog post about Read more […]

DramaLite: College

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4th of July trip to Minnesota, wedding stuff 004 4th of July trip to Minnesota, wedding stuff 004

Towards the end of my college career, my then boyfriend and I had this couple we would go on double-dates with and the guy was from Australia.  Often times over dinner we would discuss how they were being pressured to get married because his visa was expiring and his job wasn’t able to offer him a new one at that time. One night I naively suggested, “Well, can’t you just switch to a MasterCard?” I legitimately thought entering this country was a process tied to actual credit cards.  HOW EMBARRASSING!! Ironic Read more […]

Just Call Me Nom (Nanny Mom)

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Cilia Birthday Experience- Age 6 034 Cilia Birthday Experience- Age 6 034

There are just as many misconceptions about nannies as there are about actors (and probably every job on the planet).  Even though I’m used to the ignorant and sometimes offensive questions, I decided it’d be best to clear some things up using the good ol’ blogosphere. I was a Nom for almost six years to Big C (boy) and Littlest C (girl) and to say it was an amazing experience is an understatement.  I learned so much about raising children, communication, my own flaws and strengths, and how Read more […]

Sweet Chicago

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I wrote this poem about a month before we moved to Kansas.  It’s not great, it might not even be good, but writing is how I express myself.  It’s my free therapy.  And I wanted to share it with you all.   You are the first city I got to explore all on my own, You are the city in which I bought my very first home. You welcomed me as an actor and granted my first professional show You introduced me to some amazing friends that still make my heart grow.   You taught me how to love Read more […]

Lowering Those Birthday Expectations

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My birthday is coming up on October 4th and I will be turning the big 3-0 this year.  I haven’t exactly kept this a secret and I like to remind folks whenever I get the chance.  I’m not even opposed to the number 30 itself, even though I feel like I should be.  It helps that I’ve heard people say their 30’s are far superior to their 20’s.  Instead of discovering one’s self and making loads of mistakes, one tends to be more settled and happy with the direction their life has gone. For reasons Read more […]

Things My Sister Still Punishes Me For

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photo by Crystal Liepa Photography photo by Crystal Liepa Photography

I love my little sister but we had a tumultuous relationship growing up to say the least.  Our brother, The Glue, used to threaten to run away from home each time the fighting got really bad.  Co-existing (especially through puberty) was never easy for us.  We knew how to push each other’s buttons, we could rarely get past our own insecurities to understand one another, and well, we had to share EVERYTHING.  We lived really close to both our elementary and middle schools and walking home Read more […]

I Don’t Own an Iron and Other Wife Failures

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from Janet 1 from Janet 1

Just kidding!  About being a failure.  I’m an awesome wife and a glaring feminist (who doesn’t always agree with or adhere to strict gender roles), but I’m totally not joking about the iron.  In fact, the last time two times we were on vacation and I had a dress that Downy Wrinkle Releaser couldn’t fix, The Scottish ironed them for me.  It’s just not something I do.  And that’s why we’re always on good terms with the closest dry cleaners. I’d guess that I have dinner hot and ready to go about Read more […]