I always enjoy watching behind the scene videos for TV shows and movies and well, I figured it would be fun to share what happens behind this blog.

I know, you’re practically at the edge of your seat.  I’ll continue…

Drama Happens was actually born in October of 2011 after many months of battling my fear and distaste for blogging.  I couldn’t see the benefits of frequent and short story writing.  Blogging sounded LAME.  Once I got over myself and started writing instead of just talking about it, I was hooked immediately!  I loved the feedback I was getting, the comments, (though few and far in between) were awesome, and writing posts was addicting.  I loved sharing my life with my readers.

After getting engaged during February of 2012 my focus became writing about my upcoming wedding and when I got accepted to blog for Weddingbee, it was like a dream come true!  A wedding-focused blog with my own moniker and bio?  Reaching thousands of readers on different continents?  Giving and getting tons of wedding advice?  Ah-mazing.

A few months before the wedding I started thinking about what I was going to write about post-wedding and I realized how much I missed the original Drama Happens.

A sneaky idea crept into my brain to revamp DH but this time with more focus and more posting, and with potential to create and grow a brand!  I tried hard to think of a new name for weeks, just letting things mull over in my head before it hit me I’d already stumbled on a great name.  It was bold, simple, short, and sweet.

The name would stay but I definitely needed a new look.

After browsing and reading lots of amazing blogs I realized I wanted my own personally designed website too!  The only issue being that website and branding designs costs major moo-lah.  And my blogger friend Sara made the point that spending lots of money in advance is not the way to go, you should wait until your blog is making an income and THEN put money towards it. A really good point.

But I lucked out because I found someone who will design my blog FOR FREE.  That’s right, I found an extremely talented and detail-oriented software engineer who also has a thing for blondes.  Meet DH’s newest employee:

Turning 27 048

That’s right, The Scottish has agreed to be my website designer effectively making me his wife AND his boss.  Hells yea.

Since The Scottish has a full-time job that actually pays him, and since he’s a man who refuses to be rushed, Drama Happens was started using a free WordPress theme until he has the time to create its new design.  But suffice it to say I’m SUPER excited about this.

Until then!

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