The Scottish and I adopted the adorable McKenna on Friday August 16th, 2013.  It was a little after 12 pm when we started the 40 minute drive home from Lawrence Human Society but our meeting with the adoption counselor began at 11:30.  We had to discuss our living situation, training plans, and the health of our new dog before we were allowed to take her home.

But how did we get to that point?

We were first drawn to photos on Petfinder when she was known as Zasha.  I had made a short list of dogs that appealed to us and had emailed inquiring about meeting them and about their temperaments.    The lady at Lawrence Humane Society responded that Zasha had passed her safe behavior assessment and that she had a great personality with no predisposition to aggression.  These are the photos from Zasha’s listing:

Zasha collage

image via Petfinder

Cute dog right?  Well, THIS IS NOT OUR DOG.  Sorry for the shouty capitals but seriously, we didn’t realize it until two days or so after her adoption so I’m just trying to make a point.  Apparently, we went in looking for Zasha’s sister, Zaza.  Because under Zaza’s Petfinder profile were these sweet photos:

Zaza collage

Link no longer available as she’s been adopted, duh!

Aww yes, definitely our McKenna!  🙂


(Such a soppy face!  See here for definition of soppy.  Number three.)

The shelter must have switched the pictures or switched the names, who knows, but we did alert them to their mistake.

Regardless, the dog we met on Thursday August 15th was called Zasha and she was lovely.  Let me be clear, we adopted the same dog we met in person, she just didn’t match her profile photos!  The girl who showed her to us was very patient with our questions and let us hang out for a while.  We watched Zasha run around the yard and then when she was ready she wandered over to us for some affection.

I noticed two things right away: 1) The fur on her back was coarse and not very soft, and she was shedding like CRAZY. 2) She was adorable and a little bit of attention whore (like myself).  She would do this thing (and still does!) where she leans on you while you pet her and puts her butt close to your hand when she wants to be scratched.  It’s her way of saying, “Pet me, pet ME!”

We left the humane society that day to go meet another dog, a golden retriever mix named Dash.  He was hyper and very cute.  When we walked back to the car The Scottish told me he was still thinking about Zasha and I said, “Me too, but you seemed so into Dash I was starting to get disappointed!”  He replied, “I was just being nice!”

We went out to dinner and then to Petsmart to load up on hundreds of dollars of essential and non-essential dog items with the plan of adopting her in the morning.  The Lawrence Humane Society was waiving all fees of dogs over six months old that were adopted on Fridays for the month of August but in the end we donated money to the humane society because we wanted to support the work they do of saving and caring for animal’s lives.

I called first thing after they opened on Friday and told them we wanted to adopt Zasha, to which the receptionist replied, “Well I’m not sure if she’s here anymore, she might have been in the group that left for Colorado this morning.”

My heart sank.

The receptionist gets back on the phone, “She’s still here, set to go to Colorado next Friday.”  I breathed a huge sigh of relief and we paid 20 dollars to put her on hold.  Later that day we were driving home with our new little girl!

Our first family photo:


Adopting a dog is a lot of work and it wasn’t until three days later that I first realized how much I loved her.  I became overwhelmed with thinking about my sweet baby Kenna and I had myself a good cry.  We are so blessed to be her doggie parents and even though training and raising a dog is not always easy, it’s been so amazing and life-changing.

And I spent 55 bucks on a special brush to cut down on the shedding.  Worth.every.penny.


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