For those of you who exist primarily outside the niche that is the blogging world, TTC means trying to conceive.  If I thought the wedding blog world was a little intense, the baby blogging world is the mother ship of insanity.  I say that in the nicest possible way because I’m completely insane myself.

Guess what my new favorite pastime is when The Scottish is playing Madden 25 and I’ve got nothing to do?  I read birth stories.

No joke.  I read about women birthing babies in as much graphic detail as I can get my hands on.  Let me reiterate, in my free time and by choice, I enjoy reading about centimeters dilated, epidurals, waters breaking, doulas, birthing centers, hospital panties, crowning, and placentas.

I’m not picky, I’ll read about emergency c-sections as willingly as your typical vaginal birth.  I’m fully sucked into this new world of pregnancy and babies and I’m high on breast-feeding tips and cloth diapers.  IT’S ALL SO INTERESTING AND NEW.

And it bodes the question, how did one prepare themselves for pregnancy back in the dinosaur age aka the 1980’s?

I guess the cat is out of the bag thanks to this post.  No, I’m not pregnant, but yes, The Scottish and I are thinking about having kids in the near future.  Why you might ask?  I get that a lot because we’re still fresh-faced newlyweds.  Well, it has nothing to do with my age (I’ll be 30 in less than 30 days!), it has nothing to do with all of the painful fascinating birth stories I’ve read, or that fact that many of my friends are getting pregnant.

We’re just ready.  Simple as that.  (And I’ll admit, my biological clock might be ticking a bit louder these days.)  I’ve wanted to be a mother since I was little.  It’s always been on my mind and now that I’m married to the man of my dreams, it’s officially on the horizon and I’m sooo excited!

Cabbage patch doll

I started “mommying” at a young age with my look-alike Cabbage Patch doll.  Also, note the unfortunate haircut.

A few my close friends have been asking if we are pregnant yet, and while that might offend some people, I’m not someone who gets their panties in a bunch over an inappropriate personal question.  It just got me thinking about something The BFF told me the other day.  She said she has stopped asking her married friends when they will have kids because many of her friends do not plan of having kids at all.  Love + marriage doesn’t always = babies.  A fulfilling life is measured by so many things, relationships, career, family, pets, hobbies, homes, and yes children, but I don’t think they have to be the defining moment of everyone’s life.

The Scottish and I are excited at the prospect of being parents.  It’s the right thing for us.  But not necessarily the right thing for everyone else.  When I first hear that someone has no plans of having children my initial reaction is, “Oh just wait, you never know how you’ll feel in a few years!”  But I don’t say that because I’m not their grandmother or a TV commercial.  It’s not my business and if they’re my friend I just want them to be happy.

We all just want to be happy.  So for me, that means it’s time to TTC!

If I’m still blogging after I have a child I will probably end up posting my birth story here and join the many other awesome women of the world who have publicly over-shared about their cervix.  You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to “OMG, Let’s All TTC!”

  1. Casey

    Another reason it can be a good idea to avoid the “when are the babies coming” question to couples is that often times they are trying and struggling, and each question can feel like a little sting.

    • Stephanie

      Absolutely, a great point! It can be really hurtful to people who are trying but may struggle with infertility. We don’t know anyone else’s full story. Thanks for the comment!



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