I have these great Prada glasses I got on discount through a friend of a friend.  They’re geometric, green, chunky plastic, and totally awesome.

prada glasses collage

Stylish right?  And very different from my first pair of multicolored wire frames.

school picture

Ah, thank you school picture day for this gem.  These were my first pair of glasses and I remember painstakingly picking out just the right ones.  How much better can you get than over-sized and multicolored for crying out loud!

I started wearing glasses in the third grade.  By sixth grade I wanted out.  They had become a nuisance.  And just like that I was determined to rid myself of their cool-deducting powers.

Thankfully, The Mother was nice enough to take me to the eye doctor to see about getting contacts.  I was nearsighted AND had astigmatism and back in the day you couldn’t wear soft contacts if you had astigmatism.  That meant hard lens (I shudder at the thought).  Those bastards.  Wearing them was like walking around with a tiny shard of glass in your eye.  The slightest motion made you cringe in pain and fight back tears.  Forget blinking, that only massaged them in further.

My eye doctor explained that I didn’t have options, I could wear the rigid gas permeable lens made of plastic and silicone or stick with my frames.  Gas perms were better for my vision, more durable than soft lenses, and they had a longer life span which meant you saved money, (this was before disposable lenses), but they were going to hurt like hell.  The doc told me there would be a two-week transition period during which I would build up calluses on both of my eyes.  The Mother heard that and secretly thought the whole thing was over.  Her daughter would never last that long!  Not in a million years.

I was not the most resilient child.  I couldn’t handle a paper-cut much less an eye wound.  I was also a whiner.  It didn’t look good for me but we left that day with my trial gas perms in tow and a list of instructions for wearing them beginning at two hours the first day, four the next, and so on and so on.

After two weeks of major eye discomfort and pain, I was in the clear!  My eyes had adjusted and soon I was completely used to wearing them all day.  No one was more surprised than The Mother.

Here is yet another school picture from middle school proving that I was able to avoid both glasses… and the sun.

middle school pic

I wore gas permeable lenses for the next decade until I could switch to soft contacts made for people with astigmatism and then I got Lasik eye surgery in 2009.  Now I can see when I shave my legs in the shower, and with their new non-prescription lenses I can wear my Prada’s for fashion instead of function.

How does all this pertain to relationships?  Well this is about my relationship with myself.  The Mother has used this contacts story as a lesson for every struggle I’ve had since then.  She says, “You wore those painful lenses because you were so determined to be done with glasses that nothing could stop you.”

Afraid to sing a solo on stage?  Contacts.  Nervous about going to an out-of-state university for college?  Contacts.  Terrified and broke but moving to Chicago by yourself? Contacts.

Let this be a lesson to you all that ANYTHING is possible.  Contacts.


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16 Responses to “Contacts”

  1. Kelly

    Those were some really nice glasses! Ironically enough, while you were trying to NOT have to wear glasses, I decided in sixth grade that I WANTED to wear glasses. I had my mom take me to the eye doctor hoping I would need them, but I didn’t. I was bummed. How weird was I? I guess I wanted to look smart or something? Thanks for joining the blog hop this week!

  2. Karen

    I love your oversized glasses! When I was 12, I wanted glasses so bad, I stole my stepmom’s and wore them to school. I couldn’t see a thing but I thought I was so sophisticated. I ended up needing glasses in high school but by that time the romance had worn off. Kudos to you for sticking out those contacts! There’s nothing like shards of glass in your eye to make you see how strong you are. 🙂

  3. Meredith

    I had glasses for a while, but thankfully I outgrew them. Now, I think people that wear glasses look so stylish. Mine that I wore were so hideous.

  4. Jen Anderson

    My middle school glasses were not only larger than yours, but they had rose tinted lenses. Add a perm and braces and I now show pictures of 12 year old me to tweens to make themselves feel better about their own awkwardness.

    I got contacts a week before graduating 8th grade. It was glorious.


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