I wrote this poem about a month before we moved to Kansas.  It’s not great, it might not even be good, but writing is how I express myself.  It’s my free therapy.  And I wanted to share it with you all.


You are the first city I got to explore all on my own,

You are the city in which I bought my very first home.

You welcomed me as an actor and granted my first professional show

You introduced me to some amazing friends that still make my heart grow.


You taught me how to love again

When I met C and C.

You never made me feel bad for being super Liberal me.

You taught me how to be independent

And how to take the train.

You continually surprised me

You kept me on my game.


You blessed me with many opportunities

You shocked me with great art

You taught me annoying life lessons

All while reminding me that this is just the start.


You are the reason Dad bought me my first GPS

And I surprise myself daily by needing it less and less.

I never liked your hot dogs or your gross deep dish za

But I enjoyed cheering on your sports team, Go Chicago, Ra-Ra-Ra!


I won’t forget your stunning views, your restaurants, and your shops,

You have the best bars in the country and some awesome BYOB sushi spots.

I’ll think of you fondly the next time I get a pedicure that doesn’t quite make the cut.

I’ll think of you and laugh when I complain of traffic elsewhere and find myself in a rut.

I owe you so much gratitude for all the good and all the bad

I am eternally grateful for every experience here that I have ever had.

But most of all I thank you Chicago for that one special autumn night

I thank you for introducing me to that amazing man because now I am his wife.


Happy Friday Friends!  Enjoy your weekend!

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4 Responses to “Sweet Chicago”

  1. TaraPants

    Cute!! 🙂

    Chicago is the city that first made me feel like an actual grown up. I was 19 or 20 and visiting one of my former roommates for Spring Break (where I froze and had to wear a big coat all week). She had just started a new job, so I spent the week navigating around the city on the train. I was so proud of myself, and I fell in love with that city.

    When the now fiance suggested I move from southern Indiana 4 hours north to be with him I was extra stoked because it meant I was that much closer to Chicago!!!


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