Hey everybody!  I have news!  But first, a quiz…

If you had to guess where I have guest blog post up today which one would you choose:

A) a home improvement blog

B) a mommy blog

C) a fitness blog

D) a recipe blog

If you picked C, you are correct!  If you picked anything else, you’re mostly just shocked.

I know it makes more sense for me to guest post at a cupcake eating blog than a fitness blog, but sometimes the world is cray-cray.

That’s right, I wrote a blog post about how I lost five pounds to fit into my wedding dress and you should go check it out now.  It can be found at my friend Sara’s awesome fitness and wedding blog, Fit for a Bride!

Thanks for having me Sara!

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2 Responses to “A Guest Post Surprise”

  1. Sara

    Haha. This is hilarious! And a cupcake-eating blog sounds fabulous! I need to find one of those! So happy to finally share you’re story!


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