Towards the end of my college career, my then boyfriend and I had this couple we would go on double-dates with and the guy was from Australia.  Often times over dinner we would discuss how they were being pressured to get married because his visa was expiring and his job wasn’t able to offer him a new one at that time.

One night I naively suggested, “Well, can’t you just switch to a MasterCard?”

I legitimately thought entering this country was a process tied to actual credit cards.  HOW EMBARRASSING!!

4th of July trip to Minnesota, wedding stuff 004

Ironic now because I married a man who was in America on a work visa.  Good times.


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  1. Allie

    LOL! When I was little I took acting classes, and I was supposed to be improv-ing a scene with this girl who was probably 18 or 19. And she was like, “My driver’s license has been suspended!” and I said, “Well why don’t you go get a new one?” Heh.



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