Happy Halloween From Your Drama Queen!

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Halloween 2010 043 Halloween 2010 043

Hi Everybody!  Happy Halloween! This weeks’s Remember the Time theme is HALLOWEEN. Duh. This year was a bit of a wash for us because the party we were going to attend ended up being canceled.  The theme was to dress up as your favorite SNL character, and our plan was to go as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World.  I have a feeling we would have NAILED IT, but since that didn’t happen, let’s take a look at some previous costume failures ideas. Three years ago The BFF was in town visiting Read more […]

Exciting Interview Coming Next Week!

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Hello everybody!  How is your week going?  Anything dramatic happen thus far?  🙂 It’s time for a quick midday post because I have something very exciting to share. Next week, I will be posting an interview with a friend of mine who is an open relationship.  EEEK!  It’s a behind the scenes look at what it’s really like when someone is in a polyamorous marriage.  (Note: polyamory is different from polygamy.) An open relationship might not work for most couples, but the more we understand Read more […]

BME’s Greatest Hits

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Didn’t I mention I’d share one of my band’s songs with you lovely readers?  Oh yea, when I first told you guys I was in a band I said I’d try to find some of our music.  Well, success!  The Father, an avid reader of Drama Happens, was kind enough to help me out and instead of just one song, I have TWO whole songs to share! BME’s internet debut has arrived.  (I’m giddy with excitement and iced vanilla latte jitters.) Remember we do covers of songs and these were recorded many moons ago in Read more […]


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Coffield Wedding 0120 Coffield Wedding 0120

It’s time for a Married Life Check-in!  The first of many I imagine.  So exciting!  Note my excited face in the picture below of our “first look.”  It’s pretty intense. I love a good check-in post, I like hearing progress updates, and I’m one of those freaks people who enjoys assessing themselves and wondering what areas I can work on to become a better person.   I find reflecting on different aspects of my life very comforting and I find sharing that with others can be very therapeutic. Read more […]

Breaking Good

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Scotland 202 Scotland 202

I loathe rule-breaking and I’m not very good at it in general.  Pretty sure it has something to do with being an oldest child and the fact that The Mother is one of the most perfect human beings you’ll ever meet.  We like order and structure and we never dismiss a traffic sign.  The Scottish is pretty similar, except for blatantly drinking in bars before he was legal, but then again, that’s just what you did in the UK. The Remember the Time theme this week is to share the time you broke a Read more […]

For the Love of Squirrels

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IMG_2584 IMG_2584

It’s time for an update on my trip to North Dakota to visit the grandparents… if you haven’t read why I was nervous, start here. To be perfectly honest my trip home wasn’t so dramatic, which is kind of a bummer because that could mean an uneventful blog post. But even though it lacked the sort of drama you would have expected or the type of silliness that might make you laugh, it was filled with something much more meaningful and worthy of sharing. Before I get to the meat of it, let me just Read more […]

DramaLite: High School

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Thongs really became THE popular underwear for girls when I was in high school.  You weren’t cool unless you were wearing thongs. Never mind that our Dad had to do our laundry most of the time, The Sister and I bought copious amounts of them when we were younger. One day (either in my sophomore or junior year) I was wearing this rather short dress to school with none other than a thong underneath it and some sheer pantyhose (Oh pantyhose, how uncool you really are).  Apparently when I put Read more […]

I Bet You Had No Idea I Used To Be in a Band

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SiblingsXmas2005 SiblingsXmas2005

This week’s Remember the Time theme is WILD CARD, aka write about anything from your past week!  Great idea Emily and Kelly!  So of course I’ll be writing about something relationship focused. Remember the Time I was in a band?  Well, it’s true. I was in a band as one of two lead vocalists from the ages of oh I don’t know, 15 to 28.  Even now, we still get together for reunion shows every once in a while.  Our name?  BME.  Stands for beginning, middle, and end.  The other two performers? Read more […]

I Got This

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Storybook Guestbook 108 Storybook Guestbook 108

You now how some people miss their single life once they’re in a serious relationship?  Ya, well I’m not one of those people.  I know for some folks “checking in” with someone is super annoying, or sharing each other’s stress just becomes exhausting.  The Scottish will even admit that he misses his days of binge drinking (just a little) pre-Stephanie.  But I don’t miss any of it.  I love being married and I love being in a partnership. Maybe I love it so much because I didn’t lose anything Read more […]