Hi everybody!  As you might recall, my 30th birthday was this past Friday, October 4th, and wow, I’m STILL recovering!  It’s amazing what one glass of wine lots of surprises can do to an old person like myself!  I meant to get this post up yesterday but sometimes life gets in the way of your plans and you have to go with the flow so I did just that.

The BFF and The Scottish did an amazing job making me feel extra special this past weekend but it came at the expense of a series of bold faced lies.  The nerve of them!  This is a real quote from The BFF, “I had to call him (The Scottish) so we could keep our lies straight!”

It all started when The BFF told me she got a flat tire Friday morning and was therefore delayed in leaving Minnesota for her seven hour drive to Kansas City.  I was pretty bummed when she told me she wasn’t officially on the road until almost two hours later since I was looking forward to some afternoon girl talk!

Lie number two: The Scottish told me The BFF was going to be arriving in time to watch McKenna while he and I went out to a romantic birthday dinner.  But since she was late we would just go to dinner, crate McKenna, and The BFF would take her time driving in to arrive sometime after dinner.  This meant I was spending all day alone.  Boo!  Didn’t stop me from taking a birthday selfie!


In the car on the way to dinner The BFF texted saying she would be able to meet us at the restaurant!  Her GPS was estimating a 6:13 PM arrival time.  (Another LIE!)

The Scottish and I arrived promptly at 6 PM but there was some confusion with our reservation, so while he whispered to the hostess, I lingered nearby.  We were finally taken upstairs and what do my eyes see but The BFF, AND, The Sister, AND The Brother-in-law too!  I immediately got teary-eyed and very excited.

I had asked The Scottish months ago if he thought The Sister would be able to come down to KC for my birthday but the answer had been a firm no (lies!).  In the last few minutes of the car ride I was wondering why she hadn’t called me yet to wish me a happy birthday and I had a feeling she might be in town but quickly dismissed it.  I knew The Sister wouldn’t want to miss my celebration but I also knew she couldn’t get away for the weekend (all of it, lies!).  But there she was!!

The five of us proceeded to have a wonderful dinner.



Afterwards we stopped at our apartment and I was told to pack a bag because us girls were staying at a hotel while the boys chilled at the house, wow, another exciting change of plans!  I was still reeling from the first big reveal.

Once at the hotel, I got another surprise.  The BFF, The Sister, and The Scottish had asked a bunch of my AMAZING friends and family to write birthday cards for me so I would have a whole 30 to open all at once!  They collected the letters for weeks beforehand and then gave them to me in one big pile.  It was awesome.  🙂


The kicker was almost every single card had a Starbucks gift card in it!  I was thought I was in heaven.  Card after card of touching words, sweet sentiments, and coffee money.  What could be better?  Ironically they sent an email asking people to participate BEFORE I made my public call for birthday gift cards in this post about expectations.  Awkward!

I will be set for LIFE, or at least until 2014.  I can’t even explain how happy this makes me.


All caffeine-induced excitement aside, I was impressed with their clever idea and the fact that I got to read a personal birthday note from so many of my dearest friends and family.  Best idea ever.

After hanging out and playing games (I know, not the craziest bunch but just what I like), we kicked the guys out for some girl time and slowly got ready for bed.

At 1 AM, there was a knock on the door.  My first thought is it’s a creepy stalker dude and we should not open it!  Of course they were both, “You’re closest, go open it!” And I was all like, “I’m not wearing a bra, this is a a bad idea!”  I went to the door and timidly called out, “Who is it?”

The response was laughter.  But it was a sound I recognized so I opened the door to see my friend H standing outside with The Scottish and The Brother-in-law!  WHAT?!?!  SURPRISED AGAIN!  We screamed, hugged, laughed, and promptly went to bed, haha.  H had flown in from NYC that evening and was here to celebrate with us, I was so touched!

And I’d like to note that after the 30 birthday cards I had asked if there would be any more surprises and I was told a firm “no.”  Just another blatant lie from their well-oiled lie machine.  Clearly, the moral of the story here is to never trust anyone on or around your birthday.  🙂

The next morning (after a quick stop at Starbucks obvs) we started with manis and pedis at a salon which is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

H enjoying her pedicure

H enjoying her pedicure and Starbucks coffee

The Sister and The BFF getting their gel manicures

The Sister and The BFF getting their gel manicures

Then we picked up groceries and The BFF and H made brunch for everyone!  It was so relaxing and nice to host people at our new apartment.  It felt like a holiday with warm smells and lots of busting around.  McKenna was getting lots of attention too!  She likes to sit on people’s laps, isn’t she adorable?


The rest of the day included a hayride and petting zoo at a pumpkin patch/apple orchard and dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town!  And I got to open yet another 30 items, these were gifted to me by The Mother and full of inside jokes.  Such a cute idea and now I have fun snacks, cleaning supplies (my fave), treats for McKenna, and gift cards for dinner out!  Thanks Mom!


After another night at the hotel, the final surprise was a mini photo shoot to commemorate the weekend.  Apparently, Kansas City is the city of fountains (you can look this up) so we went to the most photographed one in The Plaza.  Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the water in the fountain was pink!


It’s called the JC Nichols Memorial Fountain and even though the weather was a bit chilly, it was a beautiful early October day!



We finished off the tourist portion of the trip with a heavy meal of barbecue at Fiorella’s Jack Stack.  We had a great last meal together.  The lies were forgiven and forgotten, and the surprises were retold in laughter.



It was sad to say goodbye but I’m left with awesome memories of a wonderful weekend and a 30th birthday to remember.  However, The BFF AND The Scottish turn the big 3-0 this coming spring… and I’m feeling a wee bit of pressure, better start compiling ideas now!

Were you wondering if I got my designer purse?  Of course not.  Well, let’s just say The Scottish hit his gift out of the park.  This is a new handbag from Kate Spade, the cedar street luciana in cliff grey.  It’s just as dreamy in real life as it is in photos.  He also got me a pair of earrings.  Spoiled much?

image via

image via KateSpade.com


Since this post is bordering on an obnoxious length, we’ll end it here.  Thank you everyone in real life and online for the birthday comments, cards, well wishes, Facebook posts, and Starbucks gift cards!  Every little thing was and is so appreciated.  I am eternally grateful to have such loving people in my life.  Til 31!

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  1. Geno

    Fun to read, very glad you had such a wonderful birthday! I can’t believe you are 30 years old!


  2. Erin

    what cute ideas! And, totally jealous of your new Kate bag! My friend has one and simply calls her Kate…Kate is not allowed in the trunk or on the ground! HA!


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