As an observer of relationships and an easily annoyed human being, I’ve noticed I have a few pet peeves when it comes to couples.  Is this about you?  Maybe?  Is this about me and The Scottish?  Probably.  I will say the couples we hang out with in real life are awesome but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s up with couple etiquette.  🙂

PDA- yuck!/ Photo by Jennifer Jackson

PDA- yuck!/ Photo by Jennifer Jackson

Do you recognize any of these?

1. The couple that is constantly whispering to each other.  Really?  You live with this person and you still have so much to say that you need to be constantly cooing sweet nothings into their ear?  Doubtful.  We sat behind a pair of love birds at church the other week.  Granted, they were probably just giddy to be alone after sending their children off to Sunday School but the talking was endless.  Endless I say!  I couldn’t tell if they were making fun of something during the service or off in their own little world.  Either way, I was super annoyed and had to continually wipe my disgust off my face.  You’re in church, not a rock concert.  Where is your awareness?

2. The couple who has a secret.  Why are you both being so smug and quiet?  Oops, one of you has said too much and since my nickname is Nosy Nellie, it’s now become my mission to uncover what is going on with two throughout the course of the evening.  Why so mysterious, couple?  You can certainly have your own private thoughts/issues/conversations but leave them at home otherwise we’re all going to be wondering what is going on with you two!

3. The couple where one of them is constantly touching the other.  This makes my skin crawl.  Not because I’m anti-affection in public, hell, hold hands, steal a kiss, or act playful for all I care, but you don’t need to be constantly connected for crying out loud!  It just screams “needy” to me.  I’ve seen it both ways, the guy who’s got his hand on his girl’s back the entire evening and the girl who puts her hand on his leg and refuses to move it.  Trust me, no one here wants your partner.  Give it a rest.

4. The couple that will exchange angry words in front of others.  Guilty!  This one is hard for my family.  I come from a long line of abrasive and opinionated women who prefer to communicate NOW versus later when faced with a problem.  We’re not aiming to make folks uncomfortable, it just happens sometimes.  It’s never that big of a disagreement but could come across that way to an outsider.  It’s best to tell your spouse off disagree behind closed doors.

5. The couple that only talks about their kids.  Truthfully, I’m scared this could be me someday (eeek), but I am going to be as conscious of it as possible.  It’s completely understandable really, you both LOVE your kids, and you want to talk about them with other adults, what’s so bad about that?  It’s just not fair to everyone else because your children are not the center of anyone else’s universe.  They’ve got their own life, kids, pets, house, jobs.  Keep the conversation well-rounded and talk about celebrities.  Haha.

What have I missed it?  Can anyone admit to doing one of these things?

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6 Responses to “Don’t Be THAT Couple”

  1. The BFF

    I like this post. People need to read it and pay attention! I’m guilty of the constantly touching… oops. Didn’t know that it annoyed people. Now I do. Good thing I have you in my life to tell me these things!!

  2. Sara

    This is hilarious and oh so true! All of these are pretty annoying! I’m totally guilty of exchanging angry words in public. Totally embarrassing but I’ve done it!

  3. Christiane

    LOL i am guilty of #1 & #3 ! Though in our defense, my husband and I like to whisper quite a bit to each other because most of the times we whisper dirty stuff to each other. Not in church, but everywhere else lol As for #3, we have been long distance since last year so when we see each other, we take advantage to the max!


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