You now how some people miss their single life once they’re in a serious relationship?  Ya, well I’m not one of those people.  I know for some folks “checking in” with someone is super annoying, or sharing each other’s stress just becomes exhausting.  The Scottish will even admit that he misses his days of binge drinking (just a little) pre-Stephanie.  But I don’t miss any of it.  I love being married and I love being in a partnership.

Maybe I love it so much because I didn’t lose anything that made me awesome before I was married.  (And if you’re wondering, the answer is no, I’ve never had modesty.)  I still have the same loving family and the same amazing friendships.  I still have my passion for the arts and my good looks whiny attitude.  Being married has made my personal accomplishments sweeter and my crushing disappointments easier.

While it’s clear I haven’t lost anything, it’s become apparent that I have acquired something. What is that you ask?

Separation anxiety.

NOT COOL.  I love my spending time with my hubby but when did I become such a co-dependent freak?!?

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Tomorrow McKenna and I depart on a five day road trip to visit my grandparents in North Dakota.  This means a 7 hour drive from KC to the Twin Cities in Minnesota on Wednesday followed by a 7.5 hour drive to Bismarck with The Mother, The Sister (and her dog), and The Glue on Thursday.  Friday we’ll hang out there, but Saturday we’ll drive back to MN, and then Sunday McKenna and I will do the final stretch to get back home to The Scottish in Kansas.  That’s four out of five days that we’ll be in the car!

Have I mentioned my dog has car anxiety?!?!?!

McKenna still hates it when either myself or The Scottish leave the house even if the other person is staying inside with her.  I told The Scottish I’m worried that she’s going to miss him a lot while we’re gone and then I said I’m probably going to miss him just as much.  And how will I survive without him around to share driving and dog responsibilities?  The Scottish replied, “It sounds like McKenna’s not the only one suffering from some separation anxiety.”  WAAAHH, so true.

I really don’t want to do this trip all by myself.  I don’t want to listen to her whimper and cry as she begs to get out of her travel crate.  I don’t want to leave her in the car by herself the ten times I’ll have to run to the gas station bathroom.  (I have the world’s smallest bladder.)  I don’t want to worry about her choking on the various treats I’ll be bribing her with, and I certainly don’t want to be the one to force her back into the car after a short potty break because she’ll want to know why she can’t stay outside.

McKenna's very first car ride with us!

McKenna’s very first car ride with us!

These are all pretty silly concerns.  McKenna will be fine.  The BFF and The Scottish claim she’s simply “excited” to be in the car.  I call it anxiety!

The issue is not my incessant worrying about my furbaby, that’s a given frankly, it’s the fact that I just want my partner in crime to accompany me!  Picturing us going on this trip as a team makes me feel happy and carefree.  Picturing myself as the lone adult makes me feel stressed and intimidated.

Ironically, I used to be an expert road tripper.  I would drive 9+ hours from my college campus in Illinois to my parent’s home in the Twin Cities all by myself!  I’ve driven with friends (distractions), in the middle of the night (too dark to see anything) and in scary blizzards (let’s just say I’ve had quite the dramatic “near death experience” that still gets laughed talked about today).  I’ve driven in crazy traffic and endless construction zones.  There is no reason I can’t tackle this short trip with my dog.

Too bad getting married has turned me into a pathetic wimp.  And trust me, I’m already aware that traveling with a dog is 100 times easier than traveling with an infant.  For the record, as a nanny I had plenty of moments being the only adult in a travel situation so basically I need to get my shit together NOW.  Which is why, I got this.

I’m gonna tackle this trip like any other trip of my past, by spending lots of time talking to friends on my blue tooth and stuffing my face with sugary snacks.  I will not let fear dictate my life!  I do not need my husband attached to my hip and I am certainly more than capable of driving all day by myself and caring for our sweet little dog.

I will revisit this topic next week and divulge how our trip goes, reporting, of course, all the drama that happens along the way.  🙂

Are you more panicky on long drives by yourself?  Do you like road trips?

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2 Responses to “I Got This”

  1. Christiane

    Hopefully everything went well ! Can’t wait to hear about it. I am not panicky about long drives, except when i have to drive on long and high bridges. It freaks me out ! I have done only one road trip with one of my friends from Baltimore to Atlanta, and back the next day with my dog in the car. It was good. I learned that travelling with a dog is much more enjoyable with a blanket and treats handy. My dog slept most of the time, and we did stop every state for bathroom breaks. I am gearing to do another road trip with my husband in a few weeks from Baltimore to upstate NY Potsdam, very excited about it.

    • Stephanie

      Road trips are so much more fun with another person that’s for sure! Yea, I feel you on the long, high bridges thing too, scary!



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