This week’s Remember the Time theme is WILD CARD, aka write about anything from your past week!  Great idea Emily and Kelly!  So of course I’ll be writing about something relationship focused.

remember the time

Remember the Time I was in a band?  Well, it’s true.

I was in a band as one of two lead vocalists from the ages of oh I don’t know, 15 to 28.  Even now, we still get together for reunion shows every once in a while.  Our name?  BME.  Stands for beginning, middle, and end.  The other two performers?  My siblings.  Oh yes, I was in a musical group with The Sister (other lead vocalist) and The Glue as the only instrumentalist.  He plays guitar.

Here is a picture from one of our many church performances.  Please excuse my awkward hand gestures and face.

BME at church

I’d be lying if I said we weren’t famous at our hometown church.  I’d be lying if I said we never received concert requests from family members groupies.  Basically what I’m saying is we’re kind of a big deal in the five block radius around our parent’s home.

Like any band, we’ve had our fair share of low moments.  No, not drug use and dissension.  But lots of stress arguing over who gets to sing the soprano harmony (me) and who has to start the songs because I hate doing that (Sister).  Shockingly, The Glue had his reservations about being in a family band!  For years while he was in high school he liked to pretend he wasn’t the lead guitarist of BME.  Something about singing with older sisters at family functions not being “cool enough” for him.  Whatever.

Being in a family band has its perks though, as sisters our voices blended easily and were known for our killer harmonies.  When we all lived under the same roof, making time for rehearsal was a breeze!  And of course when your mother wins a recording session for 4 hours, she’ll immediately think of her children and that’s how we came to make a CD.  (I promise to share one of our songs at some point.)

There are no two people I’d rather perform with than my sister and brother.  I’ve shared that The Sister and I had a rocky relationship growing up but there is something about throwing an easy-going and comical younger brother that really bonds us altogether.  As adults we’ve become even closer and The Glue stood up in both of our weddings this past year.  Three is just an awesome dynamic and because I enjoyed my childhood so much it makes me want to have three kiddos of my own someday.  (Shh, don’t scare The Scottish.)

This is the three of us at Christmas 2012.

Christmas 2012Wedding 220

This is us the three of us at Christmas 2005.  Aww, aren’t we cute?



We  may only have a repertoire of six songs and we may never be as famous as the Hanson brothers but being a member of BME is one of my all-time favorite life accomplishments.

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