Thongs really became THE popular underwear for girls when I was in high school.  You weren’t cool unless you were wearing thongs. Never mind that our Dad had to do our laundry most of the time, The Sister and I bought copious amounts of them when we were younger.

classy/ image via

classy/ image via

One day (either in my sophomore or junior year) I was wearing this rather short dress to school with none other than a thong underneath it and some sheer pantyhose (Oh pantyhose, how uncool you really are).  Apparently when I put my backpack on after my most recent class I accidentally pulled my dress up with it and managed to get the back of it stuck under my backpack.  This meant I was displaying my butt (and my thong) to all of my fellow high school students while walking through the halls until a very kind guy friend had the courtesy to inform me of my predicament.

Most embarrassing story ever!  I still blush whenever I think about it.  What’s yours?


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