I loathe rule-breaking and I’m not very good at it in general.  Pretty sure it has something to do with being an oldest child and the fact that The Mother is one of the most perfect human beings you’ll ever meet.  We like order and structure and we never dismiss a traffic sign.  The Scottish is pretty similar, except for blatantly drinking in bars before he was legal, but then again, that’s just what you did in the UK.

The Remember the Time theme this week is to share the time you broke a rule or a law.  WHO BREAKS THE LAW!?!?!  Whoa.  I look forward to reading some awesome blog posts.  The fact that I can even participate in this is mind-blowing.  Since I’ve been a tattle-tale of myself for years, why not have something in writing?

remember the time


This story is short and sweet and better told in pictures.  Even back in my pre-blogging days, I still had the good sense to document my  mediocre life.

Back in June of 2010 The Scottish and I took our first trip together to visit his homeland.  It’s the first time I tried haggis (never again I say!) and the first time I met his family.  We stayed with his parents for a full week in their home outside of Glasgow, but during that time we took a short retreat up north in Scotland to a city called Carrbridge.  We stayed at the cutest little B and B and we enjoyed a romantic tour of the area.

Scotland 174

Our impromptu wandering led us to this forest adventure park.  But there was no one standing at the entrance.  It was about 4:15 in early evening and the park was closing soon.  Instead of waiting for the attendant to get back or finding somewhere else to pay admission we just SNUCK in!

Scotland 188

Doesn’t The Scottish look extra smug here?  I even took a picture of the price list because I couldn’t believe we were actually cheating the system, trying to get our family fun on FOR FREE.

Scotland 216


(That’s the extent of my criminal activity so you can stop reading now if that’s all you came here to find.  I will not fault you!)

The issue then became what would we do in this Forest Park Adventure?  We had no children to chase around, or time to do something more time-consuming like rock climbing.  We were starting to question why the hell we even snuck into such a boring happy place?  Enter the rope course.

Scotland 190

Have you ever done a rope course?  I have, when I was about ten years old.  The Mother takes her 4th graders every school year to this place in Minnesota for a few days of rustic living and learning.  We went as a family of five one year and I was terrified then so not much has changed.  I hate adventures and getting my adrenalin pumping.  I enjoy living a fear-based life and watching others push their limits.

But I was young and in love, dammit!  And we had to do something or we would have not paid to do nothing!  So we got in the dwindling line and I started to panic.

Scotland 202

Clearly, we were going to die.  We were going to die at a rope course in Scotland with no record of us having been there because we hadn’t paid admission.  There were some portions of the rope course where there was nothing above you to hold on to, excuse me?  I was certain I would never be able to balance my way across the likes of this:

Scotland 199

And this jump looks a billion times more terrifying when you’re suspending in the air:

Scotland 196

But with The Scottish’s encouragement (and lots of screaming) I was able to make it the entire way around!  Even though I had a few stalled moments of “I can’t do this, I can’t do this,” I ended the rope course exhilarated and ready to go again!  Alas, they were closing.  We had made it just in time!

Scotland 195

I was feeling pretty accomplished until one of the attendants said that they usually try to make it around the rope course once a shift and the current record for the fastest time was 60 seconds.  Of course it is.

Have you ever snuck into something without paying?  A movie counts because I’ve never even done that!

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14 Responses to “Breaking Good”

  1. Kelly

    “We were going to die at a rope course in Scotland with no record of us having been there because we hadn’t paid admission.” Ha!!!! I’m not much of rule breaker either, so I say you’re pretty hard core 🙂

  2. Rob

    HA! I can gloat because I got all of my badness out of my system while I was young. You my fair lady will become the old grandma who steals the salt and pepper shakers, tucking into her big giant purse, and stealthily slinks out of the restaurant. So go ahead and gloat now….your time will come, your time will come. 🙂

  3. Christiane

    Kudos on finishing the rope course ! I am afraid of heights, so i would have panicked too !
    Me and my sister snucked in two movies in one day. We felt bad about it but the first movie sucked and the second movie was way better.


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