Didn’t I mention I’d share one of my band’s songs with you lovely readers?  Oh yea, when I first told you guys I was in a band I said I’d try to find some of our music.  Well, success!  The Father, an avid reader of Drama Happens, was kind enough to help me out and instead of just one song, I have TWO whole songs to share!

BME’s internet debut has arrived.  (I’m giddy with excitement and iced vanilla latte jitters.)

Remember we do covers of songs and these were recorded many moons ago in this guy’s at home studio.  And both are religious tunes.  Yay church!  So just be nice, OK?  Mean commenters need not apply.

If you trying to tell the difference between The Sister and myself, her voice always starts the song.  If it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it!  The Glue only sings a little in the first tune, and the awesome guitar playing is all him.

This first song is “Remember Me” by Mark Schultz/Ginny Owens, and was originally performed with piano.  Enjoy!

This next song is MY FAVORITE song to sing with The Sister.  It’s our jam.  “It’s called This Is The Air I Breathe” originally done by Michael W. Smith, covered by everyone.  Double enjoy!!

Please, no record label offers.  I’m a focused writer and my siblings teach America’s future.  We’re not interested.  But if you’re talking movie deal, I’m all ears, and I’d like to play myself.

Does anyone else sing with their family?  No?  Just me then?

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