Hi Everybody!  Happy Halloween!

This weeks’s Remember the Time theme is HALLOWEEN. Duh.

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This year was a bit of a wash for us because the party we were going to attend ended up being canceled.  The theme was to dress up as your favorite SNL character, and our plan was to go as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World.  I have a feeling we would have NAILED IT, but since that didn’t happen, let’s take a look at some previous costume failures ideas.

Three years ago The BFF was in town visiting over Halloween and of course we wanted to coordinate.  We decided to go as Daphne and Velma from Scooby-Doo.

image via IMDB

image via IMDB

Aren’t we cute?

Halloween 2010 043

The BFF looks great but I saved my costume search til the last minute and wasn’t sure what to get so I ended up buying my Daphne ensemble from a Halloween store.  You know the whole costume in a bag?  Yea, that was me.  Except the flimsy dress looks NOTHING like the cartoon.  It should have been purple!

The Scottish had no interest in being our Scooby or our Shaggy so he went for a simple gangster look.

Halloween 2010 064

I learned something very important that year, never again on the orange hair.  It’s not even OK for Halloween.  Too scary.

Halloween 2010 048

The following year I coupled up with The Scottish but this time I planned ahead!  Unfortunately and not surprising, I still didn’t look so great…

Can you tell who we are supposed to be?

Halloween 2011 032

Unfortunately we didn’t get a full-length version of our costume, but yes, we are The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!  We are William and Kate as they looked when they announced their engagement back in 2010.  The reason my husband looks so goofy is because he didn’t like the idea of pretending to be an Englishman for the entire evening.  (Scots aren’t too fond of the English in case you were wondering.)  Suffice it to say, this costume took quite a bit of begging encouraging.  AND ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS WEAR A SUIT!!

One of his co-workers at the time asked him what he was going to be for Halloween and he answered, “Well, Stephanie is going as Kate Middleton so what do you think that makes me?”  His co-worker answered, “Whipped.”  HAHA  I laugh because it’s awesome, awesomely true.

Again, WHAT AN AWFUL WIG!  Seriously, are you seeing a pattern?  You’d think someone with a background in theatre and wearing wigs would have been able to pick a more appropriate head piece but no, clearlyI failed.  Kate’s hair is lighter and shorter and much more beautiful than the limp crow that appears to be sitting on my head.  At least I was able to find an exact replica of her engagement ring for only 11 dollars!  Clarie’s for the win!

Halloween 2011 033

Let’s take a look at the real Cambridge’s.  Ahh, so lovely.

(November 15, 2010 - Source: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Europe)

(November 15, 2010 – Source: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Europe)

Sometimes I like to pretend I am Kate Middleton because hey, I’m also married to a tall guy from the UK who’s losing his hair.  We’re kindred spirits her and I.

What did you/are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?  Do share!

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9 Responses to “Happy Halloween From Your Drama Queen!”

  1. Kelly

    Dude!!! The William and Kate costume was the bomb! I miss the days of adult Halloween parties. I love dressing up. But now it’s all about the kids around here. Stupid kids. Messing up all my fun.

    • Stephanie

      Thanks! If it makes you feel better, I always feel better dressing up if I’m going to be around kids. I’m a lame adult. haha

  2. Rob

    Beetlejuice is still my favorite costume and love playing the role too…..though the kids today look at the striped suit and think I’m just an escaped convict. 🙂 Cute pics, thanks for sharing!

  3. The Waiting

    Um, ok, so I may get booed off the stage for this one, but you kinda look like Monica Lewinski in your Kate Middleton costume. Maybe hubs can go as Bill Clinton some Halloween?


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