Happy “Eat as Much as You Can” Day!

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girl on thanksgiving

Hi friends! I’m currently in Fargo, North Dakota celebrating this holiday with my family, and stuffing myself silly but I wanted to wish you all a Happy holiday to you and yours. Have you seen those vintage Thanksgiving Day cards out and aboot? Yes, that’s how we talk up north, GET OVER IT.  Anyway, these cards kill me, so awkward, so funny, so wrong. Do you prefer girl in kitchen with pies? Or perhaps boy riding turkey?   Or my personal favorite, turkey sticking head Read more […]

Guest Post: CrossFit Couple Part One

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Brooch Wedding

I asked my friend and blogger Sara to guest post about how her marriage has improved by joining CrossFit with her husband Aaron and instead of one guest post, I got two!  I’m so excited to introduce this adorable couple, so let’s get started… (Editor’s note:  No one was compensated for this blog post.  This is not an endorsement of CrossFit.  All opinions regarding CrossFit are personal to the guest writer.  Thanks!) Hi everyone! I’m Sara, author of Fit for a Bride blog and Mrs. Brooch Read more […]


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My babies Jan. 2013 My babies Jan. 2013

This week’s Remember The Time theme is about Last Days.  It’s one of those phrases that seems to encourage deeply emotional and beautiful stories.  There have been a lot of great submissions this week so click on Emily’s blog to find the link-up and start reading. I may or may not have cried in the writing of this post.   It started off like any other day, I got on the 70 Division bus heading east to downtown Chicago.  I got off at that last stop and I walked my ten minute path Read more […]

The Royal Lessons

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official released christening photo of Prince George taken by Jason Bell official released christening photo of Prince George taken by Jason Bell

I’m a firm believer in having strong role models in your life for some good ol’ fashioned learning by example.  In her MOH toast at our wedding, The Sister shared that she and The Brother-in-law are happy to have such a good example in The Scottish and I of a healthy marriage, or rather, someone three months ahead of them to make all the mistakes first.  🙂 Naturally, The Scottish and I need our older, wiser, relationship to glean tips from.  Recently, I decided to remedy that situation. First, Read more […]

A Closer Look: Married, No Kids

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Hi friends!  I’m back with another exciting interview that I can’t wait to share!  Today, we’re going to hear from Tiffany on why she’s not interested in having children.  I like Tiffany because she’s not afraid to say what she feels and doesn’t spend time comparing her life to anyone else.  We all can learn from that, right?  Please enjoy and as always, be respectful with your comments (not really an issue here, I have the best readers!!) How long have you been married? New Years Day will Read more […]

The Joy of Shopping with The Scottish

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IMG_1844 IMG_1844

Did you sense the sarcasm in that title?  I hope so, because what I really meant by “joy” was actually “misery.”  Shopping with my husband can only be compared to shopping with a small child or a toddler, in which case their behavior is excusable.  Let me tell you, it’s a lot less cute when a grown man does it. To be fair, in normal life circumstances, I’d say my temperament and demeanor resemble a child more than his do, BUT when it comes to clothing shopping for him, it’s an extremely unpleasant Read more […]

Exciting Interview #2 Coming Next Week!

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Camille Tokerud/Getty Images Camille Tokerud/Getty Images

First off let me apologize, I realize these “COMING SOON” posts are mostly just a big tease, but I enjoy whetting your appetites and creating some buzz around my content so I hope you’ll bear with me.  Thank you readers! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… Or does it??  It’s not quite as common these days to see baby strollers (cause let’s be honest, no one says “carriage” anymore) immediately after (or in some cases before) marriage.  Sometimes what follows is higher Read more […]

Are you in a bi-facial relationship?

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Salman Rushdie with Padma Lakshmi and Olivia Wilde/ via Salman Rushdie with Padma Lakshmi and Olivia Wilde/ via

NOTE: This post idea and some of its content was taken from none other than the original Drama Happens, but I found I had to edit A LOT after re-reading it, so even if you’ve followed me since then (PS I love you), it’s still worth a read!  Enjoy everybody. Bi-facial relationships.  Have you heard of them?  I did not coin this phrase, nor do I know how long it’s been around but I do know it’s great blogging material.  I first heard about bi-facial relationships while listening to my favorite Read more […]

DH Gets Down and Dirty

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remember the time remember the time

The theme for this week’s blog hop (brought to you by the lovely Emily and Kelly) is… wait for it… wait for it… SEX EDUCATION. Which is timely for me because I was JUST thinking how squeaky clean this blog has become and how there MUST be a way to dirty it up a bit!  Ah, sweet relief.  Before I go anything farther I want to note that this is NOT a family blog yet a good majority of my family read it.  Unlucky for them I have no shame and an uncontrollable desire to share my embarrassing Read more […]

Where do you find joy?

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You're never too old for a present fort! You're never too old for a present fort!

We have entered into my favorite time of year, aka the holiday season, and that means I will be obnoxiously happy for the next two months (followed by a dark depression throughout the the rest of winter).  Whatever you celebrate around this time of year, I encourage you to focus on things that make YOU happy.  The longest relationship of your life will be with yourself (duh) so spend some quality time on it, m’kay?  In case you’re lacking inspiration, check out my list below! I’m finding joy Read more […]