Did you sense the sarcasm in that title?  I hope so, because what I really meant by “joy” was actually “misery.”  Shopping with my husband can only be compared to shopping with a small child or a toddler, in which case their behavior is excusable.  Let me tell you, it’s a lot less cute when a grown man does it.

To be fair, in normal life circumstances, I’d say my temperament and demeanor resemble a child more than his do, BUT when it comes to clothing shopping for him, it’s an extremely unpleasant experience of constant placating and trying to avoid making a scene.

Here’s why:

1. Surprises will likely lead to meltdowns.  Children need to know the plan in advance, and similarly, The Scottish is more willing to go shopping if it’s been put in our shared Google calendar ahead of time, otherwise, he’s completely overwhelmed and in his words, “can’t be bothered.”

2. Suggestions are met with a disgusted stare.  The Scottish wants to pick out his own clothing as does a young child.  And I agree, as a grown man he should be able to pick out the items he prefers, BUT he picks out the SAME two things: hoodies and t-shirts, in the SAME three colors: navy, gray, and black.  Having been shopping for oh I don’t know, my entire life, I think I could offer some fresh wardrobe ideas if he was a bit more open to them.


3. Picking your battles is important.  Don’t fight every fight or you’ll be exhausted after five minutes.  I’m determined to get the Scottish to simply TRY ON a pair of khaki pants so he has a nice in between trouser.  Right now he wears jeans or dress pants, but the mountain I’ll have to climb for that battle is so not worth it right now.  Instead, I focus on getting him to try on new types of button down shirts or sweaters (aka jumpers in the UK).

4. Bribery is the key to success.  “If you try these three shirts on, we’ll leave as soon as you’re finished.”  I imagine treats and toys work for children, whereas The Scottish can put up with a lot for the promise of  some uninterrupted Xbox time.

5. You’ll get more done if you leave them at home.  Often times I go shopping for The Scottish without him and come home with something slightly different than what he’s used to, secretly hoping he’ll give it a chance.  Luckily, I’ve got around a 90% success rate  and he does end up wearing items I’ve picked but still prefers they be his own choices.  If it weren’t for me, he might wear the same five dress shirts every week and the same hoodie every weekend.  Yikes.

Before you all feel sorry for The Scottish I will say that he’s AMAZING when we’re shopping for clothing for me or gifts for other people. I swear he’s my good luck charm and I often find the perfect item with him after searching for it alone with no success.  He sweetly follows me around from store to store, hardly ever complains, and usually has a game plan for hitting as many stores as we can in the most efficient way possible.  He’s a very opinionated guy when it comes to shopping (and very opinionated when it comes to EVERYTHING ELSE) so I like to have him around to see preferences.

I will continue to put up with his child-like antics around shopping for himself.  I’ll ignore the snappy comments, the disgusted stares, and exasperated sighs.  I will continue to pick my battles and one fine day, I will get him to try on a pair of khakis.

Is your partner a good shopper or more like The Scottish?  Do share.

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15 Responses to “The Joy of Shopping with The Scottish”

  1. Jenn

    Todd’s usually pretty good with shopping, though I remember one time we went shoe shopping for the both of us and I found what I wanted immediately but it took him 3 stores to find 1 pair of shoes.

  2. Kelly

    Karl is a terrible shopper as well. He hates sweaters, bought him one as a gift one Christmas and he wore it once. Learned my lesson lol!

    • Stephanie

      Embarrassingly enough, I love Black Friday, but I’ll be in Fargo, ND so it’s not that insane. I’ll go this year with my family and I think The Scottish will stay home. Last year he went with me and we shopped for bridal party gifts and new winter coats. He was a trooper!


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