I’m a firm believer in having strong role models in your life for some good ol’ fashioned learning by example.  In her MOH toast at our wedding, The Sister shared that she and The Brother-in-law are happy to have such a good example in The Scottish and I of a healthy marriage, or rather, someone three months ahead of them to make all the mistakes first.  🙂

Naturally, The Scottish and I need our older, wiser, relationship to glean tips from.  Recently, I decided to remedy that situation.

First, I thought I could look to my own parent’s, taking from them the importance of good communication, laughter, and supporting each other’s interests… but that seemed too easy, too accessible.  Then I thought we could learn a lot by watching the natural patience and loving humor alive in my in-law’s marriage. but I’m way too high-strung to even pretend to be the littlest bit Scottish.  How is everyone in that culture so easy-going!?!?!

No, I figured it best if I focus my attention on a couple I’ve never even met.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (applause welcome)

official released engagement photo  taken by Mario Testino

officially released engagement photo taken by Mario Testino

Royal Marriage Lesson #1: Smiling is contagious and gives at least the appearance of happiness. (Real happiness not necessary for proper illusion.)

These two are amazing. They’re beautiful and they always look happy together.  So I’m pretty sure that means they are happy.  To think they have cameras on them at all times and they still manage to look calm and at ease, baffles my mind.  I know it comes with the job but seriously how do they do it?!?

My husband is the quietest man you’ll ever meet, he’s cute, soft-spoken, and he has an adorable accent.  But when he’s angry with me, he is LOUD, and all of a sudden he doesn’t care that he’s out in public, and then I get angry because people can hear all of our biznass and we’re usually fighting about something really stupid.  (If we were at home, I’d just laugh, because a Scottish man yelling is pretty funny.)  Then there’s me, when I’m annoyed with him, I can’t hide it and I show my disgust on my face whether we’re out to eat or walking the dog.  Clearly, we have a long way to go…

Royal Marriage Lesson #2: Date for a decade so you can see all your partner’s crazies BEFORE the wedding.

William and Catherine also dated for like, EVER.  This means they knew each other really well before diving into marriage.  They even broke up once, and got back together.  I’m not sure what happened there but I hope it was Kate saying, “If you like this then you better put a ring on it prince-y boy.”

The Scottish and I were together for a little over two years before he popped the question.  Oops.  That’s OK because now that we live in Kansas City and away from our closest friends and family, we spend every weekend getting sick of to know each other all over again. It’s marital bliss folks.

Royal Marriage Lesson #3: Make perfect baby.  Name it something that was first popular circa 1800.

Finally, the icing on the cake?  They made a baby together.  Their kid is beautiful and royal and a prince. I’m sure they never fight about dirty diapers because this child is too perfect to soil any nappy.  His name (George) is unfortunate unless you’re like 90% of the world right now and really enjoy vintage baby names.

Note to self, all future children produced must be regal looking, sweet, and angelic.  It’s doubtful The Scottish and I have any royal blood in us but we did have a fairy tale wedding and everyone I know calls me a princess so I’m hoping that counts for something.  (Also, when it comes to baby making, I’m just thankful we’re not terribly bi-facial.)

official released christening photo of Prince George taken by Jason Bell

officially released christening photo of Prince George taken by Jason Bell

Do you have a relationship role model, married or otherwise?  Please tell me I’m not the only person obsessed with the Royal Family!!

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4 Responses to “The Royal Lessons”

  1. Erin W.

    YES to this post! Love it. The husband gets annoyed with my “Kate worship” all the time, and I tell him that I don’t worship her, she’s my role model. In general, I want to strive to be classy, poised, and as stylish as her. I’m glad you agree.

    • Stephanie

      I knew you would love this one! (haha “Kate Worship”) Yes, she’s all those things, and a great model, why wouldn’t we want to emulate that?!?!

  2. Melissa

    I’m in love with all things Kate. If I could only have her wardrobe I’d be one happy girl. My husband is also Scottish and as a result we got married at St. Andrews. Of course, I secretly wish that we’ll see Kate while we’re in St. Andrews every time we go. I also had a crush on Will..until he started losing his hair :).

    • Stephanie

      Her wardrobe is amazing! What a great location for your wedding! What, you’re not into British guys with no hair? I think he’s adorable but I’m biased cause my hubby is in the same boat. 😉


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