Hi friends!

I’m currently in Fargo, North Dakota celebrating this holiday with my family, and stuffing myself silly but I wanted to wish you all a Happy holiday to you and yours.

Have you seen those vintage Thanksgiving Day cards out and aboot? Yes, that’s how we talk up north, GET OVER IT.  Anyway, these cards kill me, so awkward, so funny, so wrong.

Do you prefer girl in kitchen with pies?

girl on thanksgiving

Or perhaps boy riding turkey?

riding turkey


Or my personal favorite, turkey sticking head through sheet music:

turkey in sheet music

In all seriousness (if you can still take me seriously) Thanksgiving is a special holiday.  It’s not about any specific religion or buying tons of presents.  It’s not about being outside and enjoying the weather or fireworks or a big party.

It’s simple task is to remind you to be thankful.  Be grateful.  Personally, I feel so incredibly grateful this year.  It’s overwhelming.  The older I get the more I feel alive to the rest of the world, my family, and my friends.  With growth and age comes gratitude and humbleness.  There is so much goodness out there, be sure and spread whatever goodness you feel this season as well.

And if you’re still feeling like laughing today…

Don’t forget to go spend lots of money tomorrow supporting big corporations that don’t need it!  And then support small business’ on Saturday because they do need it and then eat leftovers and take a nap.

Happy Thanksgiving Readers,



(Vintage Thanksgiving cards can be found on Pinterest and lots of other places.)

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