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For me, blogging is mostly about producing quality, well-thought out, and unique content, which tends to lead to many lengthy and long-winded posts.  However, I also believe another perk of blogging is the ability to post quickly and spontaneously with a simple message.

This is a new feature I’m trying out and the message is TGIF essentially.  I’ll share something going on in my life and post a pic or two while wishing you all a happy weekend.  Let’s begin.

The Scottish and I are currently powering through all six seasons of LOST.  Why yes, we are the last people on earth to view this phenomenon. Thankyouverymuch.

I’m totally invested in it and I have a million questions bouncing around in my head after each episode.  Also, I have a HUGE crush on Sawyer ( aka James Ford) which is surprising because I usually don’t go for that southern drawl in men.

Our plan for this weekend is to go out to eat for steaks now that The Scottish has been approved for solid foods (yay!), watch a billion episodes of Lost, bake cookies, and maybe hit up the KC Zoo.



Oh yea and play with this adorable little girl… that’s her “rub my belly” pose.  🙂

2013-10-22 13.57.20

Way To Go Everybody!  You made it to the weekend!  Hope it’s a great one.

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4 Responses to “Way To Go Weekend”

  1. Kelly

    I JUST finished my own Lost marathon. I had never seen it either. Totally obsessed. But now I’m a little depressed because I’ve finished watching them all. However, I am happy I waited and watched them this way. There’s so much crazy sh*t and things to keep track of that I think I would have forgotten a lot if I had to wait week to week, then season to season for new episodes. It was so much easier to keep track of things this way.

    • Stephanie

      Yes, I totally see why it has the whole cult following now! I can’t get enough. Me too, i think all good series should be watched marathon style. Makes them so much better/easier to follow.

  2. Kristie

    I have never seen Lost and have no plans to start LOL. I never got the hype…but then again, I don’t follow a lot of shows. Give me baseball any day!

    Your pup is adorable 🙂

    Have a great weekend!



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