I feel like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted a DramaLite so I have an especially embarrassing one to share today.

First the back story: I am deathly afraid of vomit.  It’s not that I’m one of those people who throw up if they’re around someone who pukes, it’s that I hyperventilate and have a mild panic attack.  I find I’m most terrified when I’m in a small enclosed space and someone needs to throw up.  Most of the time, no one is actually going throw up BUT I have been in a van with a bunch of teenage boys who were high on cold pills and threw up into trash bags behind me.  (Worst day ever and a story for another time.)

I’m the person who goes white during a long elevator ride because I overhear someone mention they “don’t feel so good.”  Clearly, this means they are going to puke.  My sister used to hate going on road trips with me because if she even whispered, “I have a headache,” I’d hunch over in a pile of tears clutching my ears praying we get out before she gets sick.

Cut to my freshman year of high school.

I don’t feel so well.  It’s math class with Mr. Gimple.  (That’s his real name I swear!)  We’re learning about degrees maybe?  I remember drawing a circle with a line in it and feeling overwhelmingly hot.  All of a sudden I push my chair back and puke underneath the table all over the floor.

Naturally the class freaks out.

My dry, dorky math teacher, Mr. Gimple says calmly, “I’d better go get a mop.”  And I try to make my way to the nurse but not without puking one more time in a trash can next to the library on my way there.  SO EMBARRASSING.  What kind of 9th grader can’t get themselves to a bathroom in time to be sick?  A lot of young kids I know have that handled!

The worst part was my friends were looking for me all morning, terrified that I had been somewhere near “the room where somebody threw up in Gimple’s class.”  Nope, that was me.  No time for a panic attack, too busy blowing chunks.

Doesn’t growing up suck?

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8 Responses to “DramaLite: High School Puke”

  1. Erin W.

    I’m pretty sure I almost just died laughing! I REMEMBER THIS! I remember hearing about the person that blew chunks in Mr. Gimple’s class. I can picture him sighing and saying, “I’d better go get a mop.” I miss him. He was hilarious. (Remember when he’d tell us about how he’d hide in the bathroom in the dark from Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween??) Oh, poor barfy girl. Sad.

    • Stephanie

      HAHA! I thought you (and Sara) might remember this incident! 🙂 Oh man, Gimple, he was the best, he said he hid in the bathroom grading papers in the dark to stay away from the trick-or-treaters, bahaha. And remember all the bad math jokes? Those were amazing.

  2. Faye

    Hi! I found your blog through Weddingbee, and have to say that a) your wedding was beautiful and b) this blog cracks me up! I also can totally relate to this post…I am *terrified* of vomit. I never get motion sickness, but if someone else shows the least sign of getting sick, I totally lose it and go into curl-up-into-a-ball mode. I had a similar experience…after sitting in the seat in front of a boy who threw up multiple times during a 30-minute school bus ride (I can never eat Doritos again, btw), mere months later I was “that girl” who puked on the bus, too. So traumatizing. The good news is, this fear has kept me from overindulging in certain social situations, if you know what I mean… 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Hi and Welcome! 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one terrified of vomit! And the same reason you can’t eat Doritos is why I can’t eat Twinkies… Sorry you have your own embarrassing story, but I totally agree, I was never a big drinker due to the fear of throwing up! It helped in that sense!

  3. Sara

    Remember this like it was yesterday.

    In some ways, I miss high school. I miss getting to see your girls’ faces everyday, and yes, I even miss the drama of being a hormonal teenager!

    Oh Gimple, remember how he video taped his lessons and would hand a VHS to you if you were gone?

    • Stephanie

      I don’t miss being so upset over every little thing but I definitely miss hanging out with my girls! We had so much fun over the years… AHHH, I forgot Gimple taped his lessons, bahaha

  4. Kim

    This post made me crack up! I had Mr. Gimple! He was the greatest! I googled “Mr. Gimples math videos” thinkin it would be funny if he put them online. He could probably start a website with those and make a ton of money! Well…google brought me here instead. Oh well!



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