I know it’s the season to count your blessings and soon everyone in the blogosphere will be making new year’s resolutions, but before I can make any new goals I need to assess my recent failures.  I don’t know about you but there’s nothing more depressing to me than reading about someone else’s laundry list of successes.  I’m all, “Good for you and blah blah blah.  I suck.”

We’ve all had our share of disappointments this year and things that just didn’t happen.  I’m here to say that’s OK.  Let’s not beat ourselves up about it.  Let’s make a list and move on. I’ll start.

2013 Adult Fails

(For some reason I find it important to qualify these as Adult fails, I have no idea why.)

NaNoWriMo– Remember when I signed up to write a novel in the month of November?  I was supposed to write 50,000 words, but I quit after two LONG weeks.  I only wrote 22,115 words.  The silver lining is, hey, I started my novel.  AND it’s not half bad.  The beginning is always the hardest… except in novel-writing, I imagine editing is quite a bitch as well.

Lose Weight– BAHAHAHA.  Without THE WEDDING FEAR in front of me, my response to dropping a few pounds has been, “Meh,” at best.  I thought moving from Chicago to Kansas and all that stress was to blame but then I got here, and my life became simpler and I still didn’t have any motivation.  Yes, I would go to the gym, but yes, I would eat what I want and what I want is sugar (and bread).  All the time.  Hence my failure.  Insert “real women have curves” and other sentiments here to make me feel better.

Watch the entire series of Downton Abbey– A legit goal for someone who’s not working.  I am desperate to jump on that train but alas everywhere I looked (Hulu Plus and Netflix) turned up dry.  Will I ever see it!?!?  EVER?  I did watch three seasons of Melissa and Joey, and it comes highly recommended from your favorite Drama Queen.

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Get a Paid Writing Gig– This is mostly due to a lack of trying. I mean, isn’t an amazing opportunity supposed to fall into my lap now that I’m all serious about writing and blogging?

Get Cast in a Show– The first half of 2013 I was gone every 3-4 weeks for something wedding related (The Sisters’ shower and bachelorette party, both of our weddings, my honeymoon, and a trip to KC to visit The Scottish).  Auditioning was out of the question.  Then we moved this summer and after the world’s WORST experience with a community theatre in Kansas I sort of gave up hope and counted the days til I would be in Minnesota.  If you have yet to read the post about that experience, do so now, it’s a fan favorite!

Well that was grossly more depressing than I anticipated.  I hope all of you feel better because I want to crawl back into bed and never come out.  Looks like you’ll be forced to read my list of successes tomorrow!!  🙂

What’s one thing you wanted to accomplish this year that just didn’t happen?

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12 Responses to “Counting My Failures”

  1. The BFF

    I love Melissa and Joey! I also have many fails of 2013… I think we all do. NBD. Focus on your achievements and move onward and upward!

  2. Jenn

    Amazon got the exclusive rights to Downton Abbey, so you can only stream it there. It’s worth the price, though! (And if you have a Prime subscription, the first 3 seasons are included.)

    It’s good to look back and both the good AND the “bad” of the previous year, the important thing is the forgiveness of the things that didn’t work out and figuring out how to learn from the experiences regardless.

    Here’s to a fabulous 2014!

    • Stephanie

      Ahhh, that makes so much sense regarding Downton Abbey, thank you. I do have Prime, so I better get on that now!

      You’re so right! And I definitely forgive myself. I just also enjoy laughing at myself. 🙂 Cheers to 2014!!

  3. Jenn

    Oh, and to actually answer the question you posed (comment fail!) I failed to get more out of debt this year. Which, you know, wedding and all, but I’ll just have to do better next year!

    • Stephanie

      Haha comment fail. Love it. Argh, I have a ton of student debt that needs to be tended too as well. And I wish we could have saved more while wedding planning as well but the upside is having a wonderfully unique and memorable wedding! Money well spent in my opinion!

  4. Roxi

    Downton Abbey: Project Free TV. it will become your best friend. even has the new ( only aired in the UK until January) season. Or movies 4k.

    I highly recommend either

  5. The Glue

    If it makes you feel any better, I rarely work on my novel, and it is constantly on my list of recent failures. I don’t feel like writing can be forced, but laziness has also proved a worthy adversary when it comes to buckling down and putting some quality author’s effort forward. But keep at it, and when you feel the urge to binge-write, do it! You’ll be glad you did.

    In other news, I too tried to watch Downton Abbey (after being told many times that it was right up my alley). It was, and it seemed to be a pretty decent show, but it just didn’t keep me hooked. My suggestion would be to go back in time a bit further and enter the world of The Tudors. It may not be as historically accurate, but the drama is there in full force, and it was significantly more entertaining to me than Downton Abbey.

    • Stephanie

      Well you also work all the time, I don’t have that same excuse! But yea, I agree that you have to find the balance between laziness and waiting for inspiration.

      I’ve heard good things about The Tudors too, might have to check it out! Thanks bro!

  6. Sara Michelle

    Okay…you asked for it, so here we go….

    Lose weight
    Actually done pretty amazing at this, but not where I want to be for my cruise in January. Feeling frustrated.

    I suck at it. And I have all these great ideas that I start, but then don’t follow through on. My classroom is a mess. I feel icky some days when I walk into it…just that feeling of it never getting done. I actually spent 4 hours on a SATURDAY this past weekend there and put an tiny dent into it.

    Time management
    Off-dah. I always seem to have so much to do, but never complete anything! I thinks this would improve with the organization piece.

    Money and debt
    I hate money. I hate bills. I hate balancing my checkbook. It takes time and organization, 2 things I don’t have! I vow to be better in 2014.

    Being a good friend
    I think this would improve with the time management, organization and money items! I am not a BAD friend, but I wish I made more phone calls, sent more cards, and had more coffee dates 🙂

    But…there are some things I have done AWESOME on, so I am going to relish in those….

    Teaching and my job
    I love what I do, my kiddos love coming to school, and I got there everyday smiling (even if my classroom is a big pile or disorganized chaos!)

    Being a mommy
    My kid is a genius! But seriously, he is my world and I will drop anything for him. We had our first Christmas with him yesterday, and the squeals and excitement from a 2 1/2 year old as he opens up a new fire truck toy cannot be beat. My child is happy, healthy, learning, and adorable. Yup, I rock.

    Getting fitter
    Yes, I didn’t reach my goal, but I lost a bunch of weight, am eating (slightly) better and just feel better about life. That is a win. Now I can chase my booger around without stopping to catch my breath :). Oh, and I am currently signed up to run a race on New Year’s Day…I literally am running into the new year!

    Okay, enough self pity and boasting. Here’s to 2013 and starting anew in 2014!

    • Stephanie

      I love your lists! Thanks for sharing. Ugh money and debt and time-management seem to get harder and harder as the years go by! But I loved the second half of your list, and I agree, you are a FANTASTIC mom! And go you for getting fitter and being a great teacher. This makes me excited to share my successes tomorrow! 🙂


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