In case you missed yesterday’s Debbie Downer post about all my failures, you can catch up here.  Now it’s time for a list of my 2013 successes!

2013 Adult Successes

Preparing dinner five nights a week– I know I mentioned here that I was sucking at being a stay at home wife but huzzah, times have changed.  I now have a plan and dinner on the table every night, and granted the meals I make are simple enough for an 8-year-old to master, but still, The Scottish is not complaining.  And we’re saving tons of money by eating in more often.

Drama Happens– I started a new blog at the end of August (obvs) and for being a wee four months old it’s actually doing pretty well!  Color me grateful and shocked.  For me, blogging has been incredibly rewarding in so many ways, from forming new blogger friendships to seeing my page visits increase, to reading each and every lovely comment.  I’m so grateful that there are people who care enough about what I have to say to read this and I can’t wait to make DH even better in 2014!

Caring for McKenna– Speaking for both of us, McKenna has brought so much joy into our lives.  We continually marvel at how amazing and sweet she is, and how lucky we are to have adopted her.  And if I do say so myself, we ROCK as doggie parents, rain or snow, ice or wind, our princess gets two substantial walks per day.  I’m in charge of the morning and The Scottish takes the evening one.  Sometimes I join them but since I’m afraid of the dark it’s really cold out sometimes I prefer to stay inside.  They say it’s hard to own a dog without a yard while living in an apartment but we’re making it work and our dog is healthy, fit, happy, and exhausted enough to sleep most of the day so I’d say we’re doing something right.

She does have one flaw, she’s afraid of the camera!  This makes The Mother laugh because I’m the queen of selfies and my dog hates getting her photo taken.  I have tons of blurry photos like this of her cute face escaping to her crate for refuge from the big bad camera.


Wrapping presents– I’ve come around to the dark side.  It’s a well-known fact among my family and friends that I don’t wrap gifts very well.  In fact I’d go so far as to say I hate wrapping.  The Sister even mentioned in her MOH toast at our wedding how when I first met The Scottish he helped me wrap my presents that Christmas and she knew then and there that he was a keeper.

I realize I’m not the greenest of hippies but isn’t wrapping paper the biggest waste ever?  Regardless, I will go along with this social norm if I must.  This year I decided to try my hand at wrapping presents again.  The results were less than appealing to downright scary but hey, at least I’m trying.  Still counts as a success!

S wrapping

Moving– We’ll be doing it twice.  In six months.  Is there a medal available for this?  Between packing, unpacking, driving, hauling, changing the address on all accounts, extra expenses, and all the other things that go along with moving, you can see why I consider myself a champion for going through it twice so close together.

image via

image via

And to get technical, we’ll end up moving three times in the course of year.  By that time I should be half-dead a real pro.

Baking lots of cookies– This success is probably one of the reasons “losing weight” was on my failure list but I can’t say that I care because I love baking!  When The Scottish brings my cookies in to his work place, they’re gone in like five seconds because everyone loves them!

I used to bake cookies for my nanny kiddos too but my love baking started long ago.  I remember making chocolate chip cookies with The Mother and The Sister when The Sister and I were little.  I loved creating the brown sugar mountains and sprinkling the white sugar on top to represent snow.  Once everything was mixed together we would risk our lives eating raw egg cookie dough by the spoonful.  I distinctly remember The Father doing none of the work but us girls making sure Daddy got two or three spoonfuls of delicious cookie dough.  #spoiled.

Ahh, memories. Christmas carols plus the smell cookies baking is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the holidays.  🙂

Excuse me while I bask in the glow of these accomplishments.  Now I want to hear yours!  What makes you proud when you look back at 2013??

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