We bought a new camera!  And it’s pretty spectacular.  It’s this one, specifically.

image via Amazon

image via Amazon


It has a really long name, Sony NEX- 5RK… but it’s a DSLR and it’s pretty bad-ass.  The Scottish has always been interested in photography and has wanted a nicer camera for some time now.  We decided to take advantage of credit card points and after Thanksgiving sales to purchase this bad boy and we’re glad we did.

What does this mean for you?  Well hopefully better quality photos on the blog.  But let’s be honest, having a nice camera doesn’t mean I’ll know how to use it.  I’ve already given The Scottish three heart attacks while handling it.

If only our dog would let us take photos of her.

Luckily, I stepped in as a model.


You might be wondering, why such an extravagant purchase right around the holidays?  Is this a Christmas gift?  The answer is no. This is something we’ve meant to do for a while now.

But it leads me to this question:  do you exchange gifts with your partner/spouse/lover type person?

We used to exchange Christmas presents while dating but now we’re like, “meh.”  Let’s buy something big and call it a gift to ourselves in case anyone asks us.  (And people do ask!)  It takes the pressure off finding the perfect item and leaves birthdays and anniversaries open for really amazing gifts.  Hear that, Scottish?  Our anniversary is around the corner, better start brainstorming…  (Although his 30th is up first, yikes!)

This year we’re trying to decide between a joint bed set (our old low to the ground IKEA bed just isn’t cutting it anymore) OR a new  50 or 60 inch TV.

I know you’re probably thinking, he must want the TV and you must want the bed, but truth be told we are both undecided!  And the budget doesn’t have room for two extravagant non-necessities.  Boo.

What would you pick?  The TV or bed set?  Do you surprise your partner at Christmas or do you play joint gift card like us?

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12 Responses to “We Bought a Camera Just Because”

  1. BIL

    I had a nice camera from Sony once and loved it! Sadly it died a few years ago. As for the gift to yourselves, my vote is on the tv if you already have a queen size bed or larger.

  2. The BFF

    Cute pic.
    My vote is the bed. I think you already have a nice TV, right? And with your back issues, a good bed is very important! Unless you are planning on keeping the mattress/box spring and just getting a new bedframe, then my justification doesn’t make sense.
    The problem with bed sets can be that when you find a place to live, they can be tricky to fit. For example, I purchased my 4 poster bedframe before I lived in my current house. Well, that bedframe doesn’t fit in my loft. Fail! Or a friend of mine can’t find a wall that will fit the headboard he picked out because there are windows in the middle of every single wall. Such trickery.
    Either way, you don’t need to rush into a decision which is nice.

    • Stephanie

      Yea a nice bed sounds amazing to be honest. We do need a mattress and the whole works. Good point on the back issues! I never thought about sizing it to fit additional places we live. I think we won’t go bigger than a queen, hopefully most places fit a queen sized bed!

  3. Christiane

    Hmmm those are tough choices but i would say bed set because being comfortable in your own bed is great 🙂

    My husband and i make a list of the things we wished we had for Christmas and then we each pick one or two things from the lists depending on our budget. It is so easy and no pressure involved !

    • Stephanie

      Good point on the bed! And that’s a great idea. Although The Scottish is terrible at listing things he wants, my family ask him every year and it’s like “black socks.” COME ON. 🙂

  4. Erin

    We bought a king size bed after we got married because we had like $700 in Macy’s credit. We only got the mattress and box spring and will buy a headboard later. It is absolutely amazing and we are so happy we bought it so I vote bed!



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