This is my last post of 2013, wahhh, waaahhh!!  (That’s me crying because taking a break from all of you means I’m sad enough to sit hovering over my keyboard in a puddle. Or something like that.)

As an artistic freak person, I like to keep things fresh and challenging, which means sometimes I need a break to recharge my batteries.  Also, how do you expect me to talk about the relationships in my life if I’m not out living them!?!?  Just kidding.

So the title of this post?  It means we won’t meet again “until it rhymes with thorteen.”  But what rhymes with thorteen?  Why the year ’14 of course!  I’m pumped because we’re back to an even-numbered year (aren’t they the best?) and so many exciting things are going to be happening.  Most exciting of all is NEW CONTENT.  Yay!

Drama Happens wants you to look forward to:

New Relationship Interviews!
Big Surprises!
The first stage of our new website!
Better photos!


Our sweet 3 ft tree.

Our sweet 3 ft tree.

Before I go, here’s what is currently happening in my relationships:

The Sister and The Brother-in-law have decided they are too cool for Christmas this year and are taking a warm vacay to Puerto Rico.  Let’s secretly judge them but not too harshly because The Sister is beyond bummed about missing family time.  I’m super happy for them to get some relaxing time away together because they deserve it!  That said, there’s no one’s button’s I’d rather push, and there’s no one I’d rather passive-aggressively fight with during Christmas than The Sister.  AWWW!

I miss Scotland.  There, I said it!  It’s so frustrating because we would love to go visit them, but this year wasn’t the right time.  And I hate the amount of money it costs us in flights to get there and the time change, and the stress around The Scottish getting enough time off to make such a trip possible and the fact that they don’t have enough coffee shops.  OK, so that last one wasn’t a deal breaker…  But now that I’m officially married in, I really wish we could be there to celebrate with his side.  Just another practice in patience I guess.  Until then, I’m sending lots of love across the pond!

My Grandpa F, whom you’ve heard about here and here was moved into a home for people with Alzheimer’s just this week and while this change is ultimately for the best, it’s painful and scary and even when you think you’re ready for something like that you’re still not ready.  Please send all your extra happy thoughts to The Mother, her siblings, and to Grandma J in particular, because it’s going to be most difficult for her and affects every minute of her life.  This is when you have to trust that God has a plan most of all.

I haven’t seen my nanny kiddos since the first weekend of September BUT I get to visit them for an entire weekend while in Chicago post-Christmas!  It’s been way, way, way too long and I plan on squeezing their guts out.  Plus, I can’t wait to see my friends while in Chicago too!

The Scottish and I are spending New Year’s Eve right here in Kansas, and we’re super excited about it!  This will be after our whirlwind trip of KS to MN to ND to MN to CHI to KS, after which all we’ll want to do is SLEEP.   So far the plan is to keep it low-key, meaning he’ll get drunk on whiskey and I’ll get high on sugar.  Fun times!

Finally, a bit of housekeeping, please, please, email me if you have any ideas for blog posts, relationship interviews, or if there is something you feel like you want to contribute to this community!   (Note: Drama Happens is not currently taking offers to review products or organizations.)


Until then I leave you all with our holiday card taped to a wall!

edited Xmas card

Hope this season is a magical one for you and your family.  I’m off to eat a billion cookies.  Okbye.

Until It Rhymes With Thorteen…

Your Resident Drama Queen

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10 Responses to “Until It Rhymes With Thorteen…”

  1. Kristie

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy your break. Wishing you safe travels on your whirlwind vacation week. That’s a lot of traveling!

    Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for the new year.

  2. Kelly

    I was so sorry to hear of your grandpa and that must be so difficult! I’ll be praying for him and your family… I loved your card and it’s posted on my wall with others, thanks! I hope you had a Merry Christmas with the fam, even tho it was w/o a certain sister!

    • Stephanie

      Thanks Kelly! It was really difficult but I was happy to be with everyone. I hope you and your fam had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!


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