Hi Everybody!  Happy New Year!!!  (Did you miss me?)  I missed you guys! And good ol’ Drama Happens.

As a blog writer in particular, I find that ideas come to me at random times, usually while trying to fall asleep at night or in the middle of grocery shopping.  Sometimes I’ll feel completely lost and unsure of my next topic for days at a time, or totally drained of new ideas for blog posts, but then, like magic, something hits me and I find inspiration.

Even though DH is only half a year old, I’ve been blogging since 2011 and in that time, I’ve also had made conscious efforts to ignore my blog for one reason or another.  During this break time, my brain usually goes dead of good ideas and I float happily through the universe rarely thinking (worrying) about what to write next.  Until inspiration finds me again, whether I’m done with my break time or not!

All this to say, my blogger brain turned back on yesterday and even though I wanted to wait until next week to begin posting (because I’m lazy recovering from travel), here I am, heeding the call of inspiration and jumping back into the blogosphere!

This brings us to my point, FINALLY.  It’s new year’s resolution’s time, but not for me.  While I absolutely adore reading everyone else’s resolutions (seriously I get so excited for people), I can’t bring myself to make a list of my own for fear that it will inevitably get forgotten about and/0r not completed.

Insert THE MANTRA.  Guys, I made a mantra for 2014!  It’s so exciting.  Here’s how it works, when I start to worry, or get overly stressed out, when I get upset over something insignificant, or try to fix something I can’t, etc, I will repeat my mantra.  If what I’m doing does not fit with my phrase, then it should be stopped.

It’s like our wedding theme, “A Highland Fairy Tale,” if something wasn’t Scottish or princess-based, it was thrown out.  It may seem harsh, but our theme made difficult decisions easier, it helped vendors and family share our vision, AND the day really came together beautifully (if I must say so myself and I must because I’m the only person still talking about it).

For me, a mantra is supposed to be simple and straightforward, something you can easily repeat, easily remember.  It’s something that encompasses more than you can imagine at first glance, something that ignites a change in mindset.

My mantra for 2014 is: enjoy, not destroy.


The word destroy can represent worry or fear, complaining or anger, ungratefulness or bitterness, judgement or insecurity.  The word enjoy can represent love or respect, art or creativity, beauty or happiness, focus or breath.

Now the hard part will be putting it into action and actually benefiting from it!  Let’s hope I can do it and keep my 2014 on a stress-free path!  This is especially important as we face yet another big move.  Yikes.

I’ll be back next week with more of a holiday recap but until then, I truly hope you are ENJOYING the start of your new year!  Would you ever consider making a mantra or are you more of a resolution’s type person?

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4 Responses to “It’s Mantra Time”

  1. Jenn

    I gave up resolutions long ago, but do find setting goals (mostly biz-related) and intentions very helpful. I also do the word-of-the-year thing, and this year’s word is Respect.

  2. Steven

    Hi Stephanie – I read a few posts and you made me laugh. I’m a new blogger and am understanding more and more about the amount of effort and commitment involved. Best to both of us in 2014! bloggedartistry.wordpress.com

    • Stephanie

      Hi Steven, welcome to the blogging world! Glad I make you laugh! 🙂 And yes, I don’t think people understand how easily blogging can become a part time job. It takes a lot of time/effort. Good luck with yours, i will check it out! thanks for the comment.



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