Yep, it’s that time again.  Time to explore another type of relationship through a personal and eye-opening interview!  Yay!

Next week’s topic will highlight something that has a tendency to get overlooked quite a bit here at Drama Happens or any relationship blog for that matter.  I am referring to single people.  Single people who are happily single, who are not searching for their soul mate online or hunting down prey at the bar.  Single people who are primarily single by choice and who are completely fulfilled.

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I would argue that being in a partnership with yourself as an adult is still a type of relationship even though it doesn’t involve two people.  Who’s to say that a relationship has to mean two people anyway?  Some relationships contain more than two people and some contain less.  At its core a relationship is purely about connection and that can take many forms.  The reason I want to clarify this is because I hesitate to use any word on my blog that imposes limitations.  I would never want to make anyone feel excluded from this relationship blog because of a technicality.  (Hopefully that makes sense, I mean I almost get it and I wrote it.)

In the interview next week we’ll hear from “S” as she answers all of my too-personal questions giving us a better understanding of why not everyone wants to be in a partnership.

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  1. The BFF

    I am excited for this interview! I think it’s awesome you are willing to explore all types of relationships, and that you have people in your life who are willing to share about their relationships.



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