It’s only been a week or so since I picked a mantra for this great year, 2014.  In case you forgot, here it is again.


As it turns out, I’m struggling to remember to use my mantra in times of frustration (example being when the internet guy visited and somehow managed to things worse instead of better), but do you know who isn’t struggling?  THE SCOTTISH.  Yes, every time I start to get annoyed with something or you know, raise my voice at him or because the world is full of idiots, he chants, “mantra, mantra, mantra.”  He doesn’t even use the mantra for crying out loud, but simply throws it in my face!

This reminder then forces me to relent my complaining/whining and think “enjoy, not destroy.”  It actually does calm me down most of the time, but only after I want to spit fire at him for reminding me of it.  I was ENJOYING my anger over the cable company thankyouverymuch.

So basically it’s working but not thanks to me.  And I fear if he doesn’t stop his gleeful pestering I’ll need a new mantra, something like, “You love your husband, he is a good man, do not harm him.”

Since my current state of internet seems to be more fragile than a high school girl’s self-esteem, I consider myself lucky to have been able to post at all today.  Let’s hope things are better by next week!  And remember, enjoy, not destroy.

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5 Responses to “This Isn’t How I Pictured It”

  1. Lauren

    I think I might need to steal your mantra, but I’ve spent all week yelling at our internet guy and it makes me feel much better than being nice!

  2. John

    Your Mantra may be bruised (slightly) but your sense of humour is robustly healthy!…lol..:)


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