Yay, we all made it to Friday!  Cheers to us!

I haven’t done a Way To Go Weekend in a while so I thought it was time to bring it back.  So how are you doing?  Personally, I’m feeling incredibly stressed out and crabby because we are moving next Thursday and my house is a whirlwind of packing chaos.  I LOATHE clutter and when my house is cluttered my mind just poops out on me and refuses to work.  To make matters worse The Scottish is being spread thin at work even though it’s his last week.  Good news: He has a new job to start once we’re in Minnesota and we’re both really excited about it!

For today’s silly fun I thought I’d share some family photos we took over Christmas with our new camera.

We started with McKenna’s traditional greeting, jumping up on us.  McKenna LOVES to attack The Scottish in this fashion when he comes home from work, or even on the weekends when we both arrive home.  Yes, we should probably correct this behavior but umm, she’s practically perfect in every other way, girl can have a flaw!

McKenna is such a Daddy’s girl too and no, I’m not jealous at all… not one bit… OK just sometimes.


Then I decided why not pick her up?  She’s my baby and weighs a slim 32 pounds.  Other people hold their dogs in photos, so why not?  Umm, this is why not.  Awkward city.


She looks so comfortable… not.


At least we tried.  One day when our dog is not afraid of the camera I’m sure we’ll have many lovely photos of her, until then, these will have to suffice.

Happy Weekend everybody!  May your house be less hectic and your attitude less child-like than mine!

What’s making you crabby right now?  Venting IS allowed in this space.  🙂

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9 Responses to “Way To Go Weekend: Family Photos”

  1. Jenn

    So very much is making me crabby, and it all centers on the house purchase. Mostly the silly hoops the bank makes you jump through and the tilting-at-windmills effect of trying to insure a 100+ year old house that needs work (and a new roof) before I can buy said house and put said new roof on it.

    But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel–I just hope it’s not a freight train coming at me 🙂

    Have a good weekend and good luck with the move!

    • Stephanie

      Oh that sounds super stressful!! House buying is so much hoop jumping. But yes, the outcome should be a wonderful house at the end of the tunnel! Good luck with the roof stuff. Thanks! At least at the end of this move we’ll be in the state we want to live in finally!

  2. Kelly G

    Good luck with the move! I am stressed about work, so many things going on and out of my control!

  3. Lauren

    This is actually the first weekend since November that I am not stressed, because we just finished moving/unpacking and finally got internet yesterday. I am very thankful that I no longer have to deal with clutter and jumping over boxes everywhere. Good luck on your move!!

  4. Kristie

    Good luck with the moving! That’s great The Scottish already has a new job lined up.

    Love the family photos. They look like mine. Our dog isn’t the best about wanting to pose either!



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