The theme for this week’s Remember the Time blog hop is first day of school.  Recap any first day of school and tell us what went down.  This week is brought to you by Kelly and her guest host, Rob!

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Don’t you think it’s time for another sister story?  Good.  Me too.

It was The Sister’s very first day at middle school.  It was my first day as a big 7th grader so clearly I knew all there was to know about EVERYTHING.  She was a lowly 6th grader and probably a bit nervous to be the small fish in a big pond instead of the other way around.

We always walked home together because you know, we lived in the same house.  And we usually fought on the entire walk home.  The topic is not important, it never was.  We just loved to disagreed.  Apparently a few years earlier in our Grandparent’s car we argued about whether or not the sound when the car locked went “clunk clunk” or “clunk.”  I like to think I was the one rooting for the double clunk.  No reason.

The Sister told me later that she felt a wet spot on the back of her jean skirt as we were walking home and was wondering what had happened.  When we arrived at our cul-de-sac we weren’t speaking to each other and I’m pretty sure I huffed off to my room and while she went into the bathroom.

“Stephanie…”  I hear a meek voice call out to me.  I stomp to the bathroom door and demand, “What?”

“I think I got my period.”  She said in a scared and timid voice.  In that moment I had two choices, I could be a major brat and let her fend for herself or I could be a good sister.  It was obvious she needed me in that moment and despite our constant bickering, I really did care for her more than I’d have cared to admit at the time.  I took charge of the situation grabbing a giant, thick pad from the closet and headed into the bathroom.  Knowing me I probably even told her how to position it in her underwear.  The earlier squabbling was quickly forgotten and even though she was wishing The Mother had been home, she told me later she was grateful I was there.   Big sister to the rescue!!

And that’s what I remember about my first day of 7th grade, helping The sister with her first period, not actually anything about being at school.  Ahh memories…

I’d like to pat myself on the back for somehow writing yet another post about periods for this blog hop.  I’m sure it won’t be the last.

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  1. Kelly

    Oh, you WERE a good sister. How horrible that she got her “friend” on her first day of middle school. That’s the worst!


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