So yea, this happened, like yesterday.

The Scottish and I were going to the Kansas City Zoo once last time before we moved to Minnesota and as we were exiting the parking lot to get to the front entrance we were trudging through snow and walking over the boulevard.

Stepping onto the street, I misjudged how deep the snow was and sent my right foot down a black hole of death (otherwise known as an open grate or drain.)  Losing my balance I fell smack down to the concrete, breaking my fall with my two trusty man-hands.

This photo was taken minutes before my fateful fall.


Overall, I suppose I wasn’t hurt, mostly just embarrassed, but I was very shaken up by the whole thing. Losing my foot down that hole was terrifying.  I’m so skinny I could have been lost forever, HA HA HA.  I kid, obviously.

The real tragedy of the day was my husband.  I hope The Scottish never has to save me from any real danger because the man is slower than molasses.  I swear I was spitting gravel out of my mouth for five minutes before he decided to help me up.  His response, “Well, you were turned away from me.”  “SO!?!?!”  Pathetic.  His reaction time in sports games is commendable but when it comes to life situations, he leaves much to be desired.  I still maintain he should have caught me before I even hit the ground but again, “I fell away from him.”  Bullocks.

The Zoo was fun though!  Check out a few photos taken after my teary meltdown post-fall.



KC Zoo collage


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6 Responses to “DramaLite: Adult Tripping”

  1. The BFF

    “The real tragedy of the day was my husband. I hope The Scottish never has to save me from any real danger because the man is slower than molasses.”
    I almost spit out my coffee. Hilarious!

  2. JennyinAZ

    Sorry you fell! I fell down in the middle of a flat parking lot once. That was fun. And you know what caused my fall? A teeny tiny little rock. I stepped on it wrong I guess, my ankle twisted and I fell flat on my face. Made my knee bleed and everything. Then I hobbled the rest of my way to where I was going. Fun times.

  3. The BFF

    Oh yeah, I’m sorry you fell. I forgot that part because I was too busy laughing at your comment about the Scottish.


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