This title makes no sense to the average person.  Sleeping is the most beautiful thing on earth, right? And it’s so easy for some people, but alas, not for me.

There are many factors to blame here, my small bladder, my anxiety, my over-active brain. When The Scottish and I first got together and he’d spend the night, he was a light, light sleeper.  Every time I’d get up to go to the bathroom, I’d do it quickly, barely conscious, and then lay back down and be asleep in a matter of seconds.  He, on the other hand, would be awake for hours, not used to the interruption.  But because I was so fun, nice, pretty, all of the above, he didn’t say anything but eventually I found out he wasn’t sleeping and felt really bad about it.

Now, he’s a total pro.  He still wakes up with me once in a while when I’m tossing and turning and unable to get comfortable but he does much better with my frequent night wakings.  I, however, am getting worse.  How is that possible?!  I’m now waking up at odd times in the AM, unable to fall back asleep for hours, unable to stop thinking and shut my brain off, unable to get comfortable.

Here’s a picture of our bedroom set up in Kansas because I don’t have a picture of us sleeping, that’d be weird.


The interesting part of my random insomnia is that I don’t usually have difficulty falling asleep.  The Scottish is jealous because I’m one of those people who can fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow.  The real issue is figuring out how to stay asleep for a full 7-8 hours.  And I refuse to take medication, based on this one time story:

Back in 2010, I was feeling sicky and I decided to take NyQuil for my cold AND because it might help me sleep, right?  Well I had two tablets, a mere TWO tablets, and I swear to you I woke up high as a kite, and then ended up puking the rest of the night.  Never again.

My current coping method entails going to the kitchen and getting something quick to eat (like a piece of bread) because digesting tends to make me drowsy. So I have to ask, does any one have any tips for staying asleep?  Tips for better sleep?  For shutting your brain off at night?  I do get up to make lists and/or blog if I really need to get some information out of my head, but when it’s just incessant worrying, what’s a girl to do?

How’s your sleep these days?

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4 Responses to “Sleeping is Harder Than it Looks”

  1. Christiane

    I had trouble sleeping before. I went to the doctor and she told me i had to watch out what i eat before going to bed. I didn’t know some foods affect your sleep. I would recommend drinking caffeine free tea like chamomille, peppermint, or one of those “Sleepytime” one before bed.

  2. Faz

    I’m one of those lucky people who falls asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. But now that I have a baby I am always alert when sleeping, waking up to any sound made by the baby. I guess it’s just my new mothering instincts taking over! Have you tried taking a bath before bedtime? That always works for me if you want good uninterrupted sleep. Or maybe you can do exercise, a bath and then sleep? Anyways, good luck with finding a solution!

    • Stephanie

      I’m not a bath type person but that is a good idea, maybe I should try it more often! I do think exercise before bed is a good idea too. And I guess this bad sleep is good preparation for baby. 🙂 Thanks for the help and for the comment!


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