There is something I’ve hidden from you guys for the last few months… but I know you’ll forgive me once I spill the beans.

In fact, it’s better explained in this video spoof ((Tell me someone else used to watch A Baby Story on TLC back in the day.) the Sister and I made for this exact occasion.

YES, WE’RE EXPECTING!!  (And yes, we’re dorks.  And double yes, I owe The Scottish BIG TIME for agreeing to star in this movie with me.  It’s definitely not his favorite thing but he’s kind of the best husband ever so he humors me.)

The day we found out!

The day we found out!

And we’re beyond thrilled.  Baby is due end at the end of July but we’ve known since early November.  Even though it’s been really nice telling family and friends slowly but surely it’s been difficult keeping it a secret and making sure I don’t bring it up in many of my posts!  (You know, because it kind of affects all parts of my life.)  I wanted to avoid sharing our news on the internet too early, but now that I’m a little over 14 weeks, I’m ready to shout it from the rooftop!

Now for that burning question asked of any blogger that gets knocked up, “Stephanie, are you going to turn Drama Happens into a Mommy blog?”

Well, to be honest, it’s going to difficult to keep my pregnancy and child out of the blog since being a mother will be a new relationship for me, and therefore free game for discussion.  That said, my goal is talk sparingly about the parts that are most interesting, funny, weird, or gross, haha.

But the relationship interviews, embarrassing stories, and personal updates about other parts of my life will not be going anywhere!

I probably won’t reveal the baby’s name here on Drama Happens just like I don’t use The Scottish’s real name.  It’s not fair to baby that their mom is a crazy blogger with a big mouth, right?  Speaking of craziness, we had to get a before photo of both of us just for fun even though The Scottish will probably lose weight over the next few months.  😉

4 weeks before text


So that’s our exciting news, it’s baby time!

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30 Responses to “This News is Dramatic But in a Good Way”

  1. Margy

    I followed you over from WB… and congratulations!!! I love pregnancy and baby talk! Bring it!

  2. Erin

    Ahhh congrats! So exciting! My baby train is definitely moving down the tracks so I am uber jealous! haha

  3. Jessica

    I knew it! That’s weird and hopefully not creepy. I just had a feeling that one of my favorite bloggers was pregnant! Congratulations! And bring on the baby and pregnancy talk! 🙂

  4. blair

    I kind of had a feeling where this was going when you announced the move, and mentioned in your end of year post that there was big things to come! Congrats on your baby story, I’m sure it will be a beautiful journey!

  5. Danielle

    Congrats on your baby sword. I am really excited to see your next adventures of parenthood. And I can’t wait to see your growing baby bump!



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