First off, THANK YOU for all the well wishes and page views following my baby announcement.  It appears there is interest in baby related drama, so while it won’t be all pregnancy posts all the time, it’s good to know I can share what I’ve been saving up my sleeve.  Thanks for the love readers!

So I know I’m not the first blogger to share hilarious and awkward phrases that people use to stumble upon blogs, but it’s just too funny to ignore them.  I figure I could do a post like this once a year to recap the best searches that brought folks to good ol’ Drama Happens.


Here are my best search terms from 2013:

First, I told one little story about getting my dress caught under my backpack and flashing my thong to my fellow high schoolers so of course that brought in thong lovers in droves.

school girls in thong
UK school girls in thong
thong blog (haha they wish!)

Then of course there was the time I said I’d be interested in having a sister wife or some weird shit like that. I’m comforted to know that I am not alone…

what is a sister wife
my sister made out with me (there are no words)
sisterwife’s (hmm, spelling!)
sisters fighting blog (This was the day I was approached by Bethenny Frankel’s people to be on their show about having a cat fight with my sister. Too bad we’re too boring for reality TV.)
good side to polygamy
sister wives drama (how can there not be?)

Then I guess I talked about puberty because I felt like I was missing that adolescent boy demographic.

dirty puberty jokes
puberty and sex jokes

And then there were the serious inquiries…

some of you are not where you want to be in life (ouch)
what happens in the drama?
all about me drama
what are my expectations on my birthday? (I don’t know, you tell me…)
taking drama out of your relationship (borrrrinnng)
is drama queen cabbage patch doll still available (is that a real thing?)
what was your 30th birthday like?  (amazing!)
the drama queen stephanie (oh yea)

My two favorite runner’s up were “me on a horse” and drama scooby doo.  But the winner for the search term that made me laugh the hardest was:

how to comment funnily on boy with spikey hair  (I wish this blog could answer that!)

I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!  🙂

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  1. JennyinAZ

    Hahaha I love posts like these. It never fails to amaze me what people apparently search for!


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