I realized I never recapped our big state-wide move from Kansas to Minnesota for you all!  In three words, it was easy, long, and cold. The movers showed up on time and we had an easy drive, but we had to go slow because the UHaul truck can only go about 70 miles per hour before it starts shaking.  When we arrived, the temps were way below zero but with help of our awesome family we filled our 5 x 10 storage unit and went back to my parent’s house for chili dinner.  I can’t complain!

But this is a DramaLite post, so what embarrassing thing did I do now?

It was the night before we left town and we were sleeping on our IKEA mattress on the floor.  I wasn’t sleeping well due to pregnancy peeing and moving stress so I was up often that night.  I decided around 3 AM that I needed to eat a piece of cinnamon bread in hopes of falling back asleep because I knew I needed rest for the upcoming long day of driving.

For some reason I decided to wander over to our window and peek out at our car and our UHaul truck while munching on my bread, no idea why I did this, but I’m glad I did because I quickly noticed the door was open, and there was stuff in our truck!  When I squinted I could make out boxes and a lamp.  I ran to the bedroom and woke up The Scottish who didn’t pay much attention to me until I told him “Someone’s put boxes in our truck!  Why didn’t you lock it!?!?!”  He immediately jumped out of bed and threw on clothes, telling me he’d heard lots of noise last night.

The only two reasonable explanations I could come up with were A) The nice people of Kansas were giving us their old boxes to aid in our move and just shoved them in our truck.  B) The hoodlums of Kansas were playing a practical joke on us and filling our truck with their old crap.

I decided to grab McKenna on a leash and follow The Scottish outside to see what had happened.  I rushed outside to find him staring at me with a goofy look on his face.  I looked at the truck and squealed.  “OH MY GOSH.”  You guys, I felt SOOOOO STUPID.

This photo was taken the next day but you’ll get the idea.  Here’s what we saw:


Yep, that would be a half-open door with boxes and a lamp inside.  HOW EMBARRASSING.  I mean, my sweet husband did say that it was difficult to tell from far away and at night but still, you would think I’d be able to tell the difference between a painted truck and the real deal.  Oops.  False alarm?

I won’t even ask because I’m sure none of you has as stupid a moving tale as this.

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12 Responses to “DramaLite: Adult Moving Fail”

  1. The BFF

    Good thing nobody was around when I read this because I just giggled uncontrollably for a good 5 minutes. And well, I haven’t exactly stopped yet. Best way to start a Friday!! Thanks for this!

  2. JennyinAZ

    LMAO OMG I can’t stop laughing I’m sorry! But I mean c’mon – it looks totally realistic!!!



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