Before you think anything, let me just start by saying I’m rolling my eyes at myself right now. See, when I was attempting to lose weight before my wedding, I was so annoyed about falling into that societal trap that makes women think they have to be the most beautiful version of themselves just because it’s their special day.  (Groan.)  Granted, I did lose enough weight to feel and look great but I was still frustrated with myself for conforming to such a cliché and putting on so much pressure.

Now that I’m pregnant, I’m struggling again with how I look.  Despite being thrilled about carrying my first child and feeling so excited about becoming a mother, I’ve been getting hung up on body image a lot lately.  Wah, wah, poor me, I’m gaining weight while pregnant and it’s bothering me.  Seriously, could I be any more of a cliché!?!?  (Said in Chandler Bing voice of course.) The thing about being pregnant is that there isn’t a lot of gradual easing into things.  From day one of finding out I began to feel stuffed and bloated and it only got worse from there.  It’s like gaining weight on warp speed and it’s quite frightening to see so many changes in the mirror every morning.

When all I can see staring back at me are lumps, and cellulite, swollen arms, and legs, and a growing stomach and butt, I remind myself what a gift it is to be able to carry a child.  I remind myself that I get to meet my baby this summer, that I’m blessed to be growing my family with The Scottish, and that my body doesn’t have to be perfect for me to be a happy and loving parent.  Then I put my on clothes and move on with my day.  Ain’t nobody got time for body shaming!

My focus is going to be, walk as much as possible (sooo hard when it’s below zero outside), do more stretching exercises, and eat more vegetables (fruits are not an issue, I LOVE fruit) throughout the rest of my pregnancy.  The more I do that is healthy for my body the more confident I will feel that I am doing the best I can for myself and the baby and that there is nothing to feel guilty or bad about.

I know none of you will be surprised to hear I’m doing the weekly bump profile shot (which I’ll share another day), but we also got the camera out when I was 15 weeks along for a small photo shoot.  I have a plan to do this two more times throughout my pregnancy to see how things change.  And to be honest, it’s just fun to play around and take some cute photos, embracing my new body.





And just for fun, The Scottish tilt.  He LOVES tilting the camera, I have no idea why.  It’s artistic?


I’m 16 weeks now and we’re starting to price strollers and cribs and we just bought a video baby monitor today to start checking some items off the list.  I can’t wait for our 20 week appointment where we get to find out the sex of the baby! Do any of you have any guesses on what we’ll have?  Neither The Scottish nor I have any gut instincts about it; we’ll be completely surprised either way.  If you had asked before I got pregnant, I definitely would have said I want a girl, but now, I have zero preference and I’m just ready to find out who’s been hanging out in my belly since October.  🙂

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6 Responses to “15 Weeks and Body Image Rant”

  1. Erin W.

    You look SO CUTE!!! I love it! I love the photos. More please!

    Also, I laughed out loud about the Chandler Bing comment. Could you BE any more adorable?!

  2. Stephanie R

    Aw hun you look amazing!! Definitely have the infamous “glow” they all talk about. 🙂 I think if you keep up with the fruits, veggies, and walking (hey, spring is almost here!), you won’t need to fret!



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