This weekend was INSANE, friends.  The Scottish and I are currently recovering from decision overload due to all the house hunting we did on both Saturday and Sunday.  The exciting news is that we may have a winner!  🙂 Granted, this was trip number five, and we’ve been looking almost every day online since early February. It still feels pretty fast and we have a ton to think about before moving forward.  I’ll share more details at another time, just know my brain is mush so if I stop making sense please forgive me.

I should back up and tell you guys about Valentine’s Day.  The Scottish likes to start celebrating in the mornings so he can spread things out.  He gave me my beautiful NINE dollar card before he left for work. #wasteofmoney  I loved it!  It was really sweet. Then around 12:30 PM there was a knock on the door and it was a package for moi!  Edible arrangements chocolate covered strawberries with a sweet bear and balloon. Yummy!


After work he took me out to a very nice albeit casual dinner in the evening.  He had originally wanted to take me some place SUPER fancy near downtown but he ended up making a reservation for the wrong day and had to pick another place last-minute.  OOPS.  Still a lovely night out with my Valentine.  I am a lucky girl.  Next up I get to spoil him when he turns 30 in early March!  🙂

Anyway, because I’m lacking in brain power and time, I’m doing a photo heavy post. I had some requests for bump photos and I’m here to deliver!  Note: anything before 12 weeks is probably bloat and fat, haha.  (Especially at 10 weeks, that was post-Christmas!)

4,8,10 weeks with text

11, 12, 13 Weeks edited

14, 15, 16 Weeks edited

I’ve also been making The Scottish take photos with me each week because why the hell not?  I like husband/wife selfies almost as much as I like selfies of just me.  Here’s our most recent one.


I’m currently at week 17 and I’m dying to feel baby movement at this point.  I know it could happen any day now and I just can’t wait for some little flutters.  I thought I felt a few pulses one night last week but since then I haven’t felt much.

If you’ve been pregnant before, when did you first feel movement?  And how did everyone’s Valentine’s Days go?  Any fun or crappy news to report?

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8 Responses to “Bumptastic Update”

  1. Megan

    I didn’t feel any baby kicks until later, like 20 or 21 weeks. They say for first pregnancies you feel them later cuz you don’t know what to expect. Second time you can feel them around 16 or 17 weeks cuz you know what they are. It really is one of the best feelings though…until the end when they are huge and they kick your bladder.

    • Stephanie

      I did hear that as well! With the first child, it takes a few weeks longer, I guess I’m just super excited! Haha, yea not looking forward to the painful bladder and rib kicks as much. 🙂

  2. Kelly G

    Awww so sweet! Edible arrangements sounds like the perfect gift for your pregnant wife lol. LOVE all the baby bump pics 🙂

  3. Kim H

    Hope this isn’t TMI, but I had a lot of stomach issues during early pregnancy. So I thought I was just feeling stomach gurgles. At our 20 week appointment I felt what I thought was a gross stomach but he moved on the ultrasound at the same time! I just didn’t know what I was supposed to be feeling until I saw it! Be aware of stuff like that. Everything is completely new..how are you supposed to “know” anyway?? Have fun!! 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Not TMI! That makes sense, because I just have no idea the difference between tummy gas or baby movement or digesting issues or whatever! Sometimes I think I feel something but I’m just not sure. You’re right, it’s just too hard to really “know,” can’t wait for my 20 week appointment!


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