I mean really, no one should be surprised.  It was bound to happen.  Especially after a year of wedding planning together and having that go SO eerily well, we were due for a mutual meltdown.

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It doesn’t really matter how it started or how it ended but that it was productive.  If you don’t have a sister, I will enlighten you for a moment.  Sisters hold each other to such high standards that it becomes nearly impossible to not disappoint each other.  There is no room for error or ease because you know too much about each other.  I know I can’t speak for everyone, but from my experience and from what I’ve seen, sisters also know each others flaws, insecurities, hopes, and dreams too well to not create any friction.

The Sister was the instigator this time although it’s usually the other way around.  I actually suggested we go see a therapist because I wasn’t sure what else we could work through on our own and I was feeling pretty dejected about the whole situation.  But because we’re a bit wiser than we were even five years ago, we were able to communicate effectively and address some of our “issues.”

We apologized for past wrong-doings and misunderstandings.  We used “I” phrasing instead of attacking language.  We listened.  AND WE CRIED.  Classic us.  When The Mother arrived home to take us both to lunch we told her about the fun she missed out on and she was actually happy to hear about our big fight discussion.  Apparently we need to do that once in a while.  And now all I can picture is us as 65 year old ladies crying and yelling in front of our future grandchildren during our yearly meltdown.  #embarrassing

I realize I’m being vague but it’s purposeful.  Nothing we fight about would have any relevancy to anyone else.  I guarantee that.  It barely makes sense to us!!

The Mother, The Sister, and I all had a good chuckle when we realized how relieved we were that The Glue (our younger brother) wasn’t there to witness our latest display of emotions.  Sister fights are his least favorite thing ever!

The thing is we have a whole new challenge ahead of us now.  We live by each other again!  This is huge and while I secretly wish we didn’t have to experience these blow-outs anymore I am happy that we can still be open and honest with each other when we need to be.  All relationships take effort.  From now on I’m going to look at these fights as our yearly maintenance, haha.

The Sister was kind enough to throw us a Welcome Back (and Welcome to for The Scottish and McKenna) Minnesota party!  It was so fun, she even had MN trivia up around the house and tons of great MN inspired food.  We eat a lot of hot dishes up here, don’t ya know?  🙂


Does anyone else fight with their sister (or brother) even as they get older?  Or are we just super emotional and/or crazy?  🙂

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6 Responses to “Welcome Home Fight With The Sister”

  1. JennyinAZ

    You’re not alone. My sister and I still have our issues even though we’re in our 30’s! Of course whatever we argue about now is different than it was 15 years ago. 🙂

  2. Sara Michelle

    I really don’t fight with my siblings much, only because we don’t talk, like ever. I have never had that kind of relationship with them…I was always too independent and older than them (5 and 7 year age difference) sometimes I wish for that kind of bond, but most days I don’t mind….

    • Stephanie

      Yea, the further apart siblings are, the less they seem to have in common and the less they seem to fight. I guess I’ll take the fights along with the good stuff of being close to my sis. 🙂

  3. Kelly

    Yes still have some fights but it’s about real problems instead of who stole my shirt?! Glad you two were able to patch things up 🙂



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