I was pretty aware of all the most common symptoms and side effects of pregnancy before getting knocked up because once we had decided we were ready to TTC (and a little while before that) I started reading baby/mommy/pregnancy blogs.  AND OH BOY, information overload.  Everything was sooo interesting to me, and I devoured as much as I could find.  I couldn’t wait to experience my own pregnancy and birth despite how scary some parts of it sounded.

This is my crazy excited face after finding out we were pregnant and before any symptoms started.


For some reason, aside from a few food aversions I was able to avoid the perils of morning sickness in those first few weeks.  Before those of you who were sick as a dog throughout your pregnancy begin throwing tomatoes at me, let me just say that yes, it’s pretty awesome to not be sick all the time but it also caused some anxiety.  I’m a part of a few online pregnancy groups and when you’re one of the few people not feeling miserable you start to wonder if you’re really pregnant or if something bad has happened.  I know everyone (especially TV/film) thinks vomiting and nausea are the most common symptoms ever, but in my case, and for most of the women in my life, blood related and otherwise, we did not experience it.  This is all to say, if you don’t feel that tell-tale sign of nausea, don’t fret!

I wasn’t lucky enough to escape all the weird symptoms, in fact, I did have some annoying ones and some that are just plain silly.

Constipation. Instead of purging everything, my pregnant body decided to hold on to every morsel I ate as tightly as it could.  Eating like normal and never pooping makes for one bloated lady.  This is a close-up of me at 8 weeks, too early for baby bump so I called it my bloat bump.


Almost immediately I started taking a stool softener, because ya know, it’s supposed to help but I was pretty inconsistent and conservative with them because I didn’t want to take them daily.  I would start to worry that it was time to see a doctor after not passing a bowel movement for FOUR LONG DAYS, and then just when I was at my breaking point I’d finally be able to go and it would be the most painful but productive 20 minutes of my day.  And yes, I was eating raisins and fiber friendly foods, avoiding bananas, and chugging water like it was my job, but I still got constipated.  Things have definitely gotten better as I’ve entered the second trimester but I hear the third trimester is where you can start to get hemorrhoids.  FUN.

Naps. Who knew waking up from a nap could be an Olympic sport?  Seriously, why??  I knew that I’d be exhausted in the first trimester and there were some days I did feel like a zombie, but luckily I had the luxury of being able to take a nap as needed.  The worst part?  Waking up.  It never failed, no matter the duration of the nap, I would wake up feeling worse than when I had laid down to rest!  After waking up I was met with blurred vision and dizziness instead of feeling refreshed and clear-headed.  It was like I’d been hit over the head with a ton of bricks.  Or had been swimming upstream against the current.  Clearly, I’m a napping failure.

Blowing my nose.  This symptom is on-going because I have to blow my nose constantly while pregnant.  I guess it has something to do with the extra fluids being produced, but man is it time-consuming!  When I wake up it takes me a good five minutes to clean my schnoz out and it seems like it keeps running all day long.  Some of this could be weather related, but regardless, it’s been a noticeable difference to me.

Drinking and Peeing Constantly. I have the smallest bladder or the most overactive bladder or the most sensitive bladder, whatever you wanna call it, it’s bad.  I’m the person my family worries about on long car trips and the person who wakes up twice a night to use the toilet.  When we were potty-training Littlest C, she used to go whenever I went just to make sure she didn’t have an accident. It was soon evident that she didn’t have to go nearly as often as I did, so instead of making the sure the kids went potty right before we left for the museum, we had to make sure the nanny had made a stop instead.

But now pregnancy has shot my nightly bathroom trips up to around 4 or 5 times and my ability to hold it is practically gone. Sometimes when I sneeze I even pee a little and I’m not even postpartum yet!!!  The issue is I am always thirsty so I’m always drinking water and other fluids which makes me have to go more often.  It’s a vicious pregnancy cycle and the reason I want to make sure we buy a house with two bathrooms minimum. I get anxiety when I don’t know where the nearest toilet is.  Truth.

Other symptoms include but are not limited to: achy breasts, wacky dreams, heightened sense of smell, increased anxiety, increased appetite, and more frequent emotional meltdowns.

What were your craziest or weirdest or most annoying pregnancy symptoms?  Or if you’re not pregnant, are you worried that becoming pregnant will exacerbate something you already struggle with?

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16 Responses to “My Most Annoying Early Pregnancy Symptoms”

  1. Erin

    I despise-no loathe-throwing up to the point where I try to will myself not to. I am terrified I am going to have bad morning sickness and be absolutely miserable. Hopefully I’ll be lucky like you!

  2. Christiane

    Crazy pregnancy cycle indeed ! I am currently pregnant (9 weeks now) and the craziest symptom i had was the cramps/round ligament pain. It was painful like having really bad cramps. I am used to have bad cramps prior to being pregnant but these ones hurt so bad, i could not get up out of bed. Plus the doctor did not allow me to take pain meds and that was tough. My mom had to come all the way from Baltimore and take care of me/cook/clean. Luckily, it is less and less now. The second craziest symptom is the metallic taste in my mouth (or Dysgeusia). It sucks because some sweet things taste a bit sour to me 🙁

    • Stephanie

      Oh wow, that sounds terrible! I’m glad it’s getting better but I’ve heard round ligament pain is the worst! I’ve had some awful sciatic nerve/back pain in my day and I fear it will flare up when I get bigger, but we’ll have to see! I had that metallic taste for like one day haha.

  3. Kelly

    Ugh, I had enough nausea and vomiting for the both of us. My baby is 18 (yes years old) and I still remember being so so sick the entire time. I mean run to the bathroom at the grocery store, pull the car over now, I’m just going to lay on the bathroom floor sick, and The smells oh the smells, which would then kick in the vomiting, vicious cycle. There is still time for the nausea caused by children to kick in for you, soon enough your baby will need driving lessons and they will go out with their friends, and the nausea and sick feelings all come back while you wait for them to walk through the door!

  4. The BFF

    Let’s not forget the random things that cause tears to flow without warning. It’s cute though!
    (Do you want to punch me for calling it cute?)

  5. Sara Michelle

    After reading your post, I reflected and basked upon the fact that I had the easiest pregnancy ever. The highlights:

    1) no morning sickness, like ever (I threw up once because I took a multi-vitamin on an empty stomach and had to run out of a meeting once because of a random episode, but that is more than tolerable!)

    2) I only gained 12 lbs. (this was healthy, baby and I were both fine. I was overweight to start and the doctor didn’t want me gaining too much, think Jessica Simpson, because he knew it would be harder to get off.)

    3) I did not have any stretch marks until the due date, but he was 6 days late…those are marks of love, right?!

    4) feet didn’t swell, no pain, no constipation, nothing that pregnant women talk about…

    Low lights, just to be fair:

    1) I did get sick twice during the pregnancy, with food poisoning and a bacterial infection, both which scared the day lights out of me. Not being able to eat, or feel like eating, made me worried for baby J and I think my doctor/nurse got sick of seeing my number on called id.

    2) My gag reflex was next to nothing, so I had to be extremely cautious when doing mundane things like brushing my teeth. Just taking a sip of water wrong could cause my eyes to water and me to “choke up.”

    3) I did not have a lot of sick time to take maternity leave off, paid. So, I only took a little over 3 weeks. BUT, the hubby got to take paternity leave so he stayed home between when I had to go back to work and the summer (since I teach) and got 8 quality weeks with our booger.

    4) I went into the hospital a litte before midnight, after contractions starting around 7pm. My little man wasn’t born until almost 7 that night. I was less than 10 minutes away from a C section which I was not excited for because it was not part of my plan. Little man had his head tilted upward (think nose up in the air) which made him harder to get out! But, I also got 2 epidurals because of how long it was taking!

    5) Being pregnant around holidays, celebrations, etc. sucks when you are friends with a bunch of single or newly married people still looking to just go out and party. I was the sober cab on more occasions than I can count, and still hold it over people’s head 🙂

    But, now I have a beautiful, crazy, unique, intelligent, (almost) 3 year old who rules my world, and I wouldn’t change anything!

    • Stephanie

      Yay for an easy pregnancy but I agree, everyone has their challenging pieces to overcome. I love that your hubby got paid paternity leave and summers off for you is awesome! And I love that you wouldn’t change a thing, makes me so excited to be a mom! All the good and the bad. 🙂

  6. Morgan

    That is so great that you mostly escaped morning sickness! But boy, peeing 4-5 times a night? Do you ever sleep??

    Hopeful for you that you continue to only have mild symptoms throughout your pregnancy, and you don’t have to deal with any of the worse ones!

    • Stephanie

      haha, no, no I don’t sleep, it’s awful!! 🙂 I actually do my best to stay half asleep while peeing… Thanks Morgan! Hoping they continue to be mild as well! So far I’ve been pretty lucky!


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