Happy Monday everybody!  In case you were wondering what happened to the weekly blog hop, I’m here to say it’s still around but the lovely bloggers running it have decided to do a monthly prompt from now on and  I think it’s a great idea.  🙂

remember the time

This month’s theme is your first memory.

I really wish this memory was a lovely, poetic piece of nostalgia, but it’s not.  My first memory is a gross one and that’s because it has to do with puke and daycare.  You might remember from a few of my posts how I’m terrified of being around anyone who is vomiting or about to vomit?  And remember how I HATE throwing up myself even though it’s happened on occasion, particularly that time in math class?  Well, this is how it all got started.  They say what happens as a young child can really shape your future life and personality.

I’m not exactly sure how I old I was when the incident occurred, but let’s go with three.  This daycare was at a woman’s house, and I remember it being filled with lots of kids all the time.  I will say that this story makes it look like my parents sent us to one weird, gross place for childcare but I’m sure its way worse in my memory than it actually was in real life.  The day of my first memory is very vivid, my only other memory of this daycare being the day I had a sticker stuck to my shoe and another girl told me it was her sticker.  I had to give it back to her.  But I made sure to point out that I hadn’t stolen it, it was just stuck to my shoe!

Anyway, this daycare lady must have had a son because someone much older than most of us was eating Twinkies on that fateful day.  I watched as this kid shoved Twinkie after Twinkie into his mouth with awe and mild disgust.  All of a sudden, standing in the kitchen, this kid started puking.  And he wouldn’t stop!  Or at least in my memory of the event.  I recall the daycare lady shouting at all of us young kids in a frantic voice, yelling to grab buckets from the garage and bring them to the kitchen to catch all of this kid’s sick.  I was horrified but never one to disobey, so I grabbed a bucket and threw it next to the kid like everyone else.

In my limited memory I see this boy now sitting on a chair throwing up into one bucket after another.  We had made a semi-circle of empty ice cream buckets around him and for some reason he needed them all.  In reality, he problem didn’t vomit enough to fill that many buckets but I still shudder at the thought and have since been scarred for life due to this one incident.

And that’s why I don’t eat Twinkies.

What’s your first memory? Join the blog hop or comment to share!  And a special shout-out to reader and puke-hating buddy Erin J. because I know you will understand my pain!

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10 Responses to “And That’s Why I Don’t Eat Twinkies”

  1. Kelly

    Ha! My grandpa always hated Twinkies because when he was a kid, he saw a girl bite into one, and sticking out of the creme filling was half of a cockroach…which meant the other half was in her mouth. Gross.

  2. The Waiting

    It’s a good thing I don’t eat Twinkies often because this post would completely ruin them for me ;D I wonder why the mom didn’t just tell her son to go to the bathroom and finish his upchuckage? And why did she feel like it was appropriate to recruit you and all her little charges to help him? It was my experience as a kindergarten teacher that when one kid starts puking, you want to get all the other kids outta there FAST so as not to initiate the “waterfall effect.” Ah, so many questions ;D

    That said, I hope you have had very little pukeage from your pregnancy thus far!

    • Stephanie

      haha, I know, so many questions! Why were all of us kids forced like minions to help in this disgusting situation? I’ve been really lucky in my pregnancy so far, no morning sickness here!

  3. Jessie

    Oh my! My early daycare memories are also horrible. Watching terrible scary movies and kids pretending to have babies used the He-man sword to cut open their bellies and get the baby out… I’m sure there must have been good things… but I just remember it being terrible and traumatizing!

    • Stephanie

      Oh wow, that does sound terrible! First memories can be extra scary in our heads because we were so little when they happened! Thanks for the comment. 🙂



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