We are creeping closer and closer to my 20 week anatomy scan and appointment where we’ll finally find out the sex of our little one.  To say I’m happy is a total understatement.  I’m so excited to officially picture my child in a more definite way, to daydream more clearly, to connect on a more specific level.  And oh yea, buy baby clothes.  🙂


Years and years ago, there wasn’t the technology there is today so no one knew the sex of their baby until it was birth-day time.  Now some people find out around 12 weeks with a blood test or around 16 weeks with an elective ultrasound.  Gender reveal parties are becoming very popular as are finding cute and creative ways to reveal the gender to family and friends.  And let me just point out that while the correct term is actually “sex,” I don’t mind keeping the word “gender” around because sex reveal parties might give the wrong impression.

Why does everyone make such a big deal of finding out if their child is a boy or a girl these days?  Because WHY NOT?!?!  🙂  I like any excuse to host or celebrate so I was going to have a joint housewarming and gender reveal party sometime in mid-March but that was back when I thought we’d be in a rental property by March 1st.  Umm yea, March 1st is on Saturday and we’re still house hunting and homeless, living with my parents.  Guess that’s not happening!

I like this invitation from Etsy because it’s not about labeling items girl or boy clothing, like bows, skirts, or ties, and top hats.  And even though pink and blue is pretty stereotypical and unoriginal, I still think it works in moderation.  I love the cute little elephants and chevron!

image via Etsy

image via Etsy

I touched on this briefly at the end of another post but I wanted to go back to it.  To be completely honest, I’ve always wanted a girl.  I understand women better, I love all things girly, and even though having and being a sister is stressful at times, it’s also one of the best relationships in my life.  I’d love two girls and then a boy just like my immediate family.  Fun fact, The Mother is the oldest of two girls and a boy, and her father is the youngest of two girls and a boy, all with similar age differences.  It definitely runs in the family tree!

Cut to this past fall and I’m dying to get pregnant and secretly hoping for a little girl, wondering if I’m going to experience gender disappointment if I have a boy first (that’s a real thing, and I do not judge anyone who experiences it as they usually move past it pretty fast), but when I see my BFP (big fat positive), all I feel is total joy and peace.  Suddenly I don’t care.  At all.  I swear to you guys, I have no preference anymore, I will be OVER THE MOON no matter what we have.

Why?  Good question.  It’s hard to pinpoint but I will say I can’t help but think about how their sex was decided at conception and how neat that really is.  They’re a tiny, unique person already and whether or not they are a boy or girl hardly seems like something to be upset over.  Knowing that many people struggle for a long time to get pregnant, knowing that the act of creating new life is such a scientific blessing, and knowing that a healthy baby is really the end goal, I feel no inkling to want one or the other.  A beautiful, healthy child is such a gift.

Did you or will you find out your baby’s sex in advance or will you go Team Green (wait til they’re born)?

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10 Responses to “Baby Girl or Baby Boy, Either Way It’s a Joy”

  1. Sara Michelle

    the day before our gender ultrasound I actually broke down and sobbed for a good 20 min on the couch to the hubby… I knew how bad he wanted a boy and thought it would be all my fault if we had a little girl. little did I know he had already picked out a girls name and was set on the fact that we would be having a girl because fate would deem it so… when we found out that our little tadpole was a boy he actually did a little jig in the ultrasound room 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Awww!! What a good ending but I know he would have been happy with either! And anyway, it’s not YOUR fault, because the sperm is what brings the X or Y chromosome to the egg. 🙂

  2. Margy

    Thank you sooo much for calling it the sex reveal! It drives me bonkers everytime I see someone post something about finding out the gender… it’s sex, not gender! *rant over*

    I so want a little girl, but ultimately, I’ll be happy with either. I just want a healthy baby. (Not preg, yet…)

  3. Kelly G

    No matter what the sex is that lil baby is going to be loved by so many! YES I will most definitely find out the gender if I ever get pregnant. Cute invitation too!

  4. Erin

    I want a girl SO BAD. My MIL doesn’t have any granddaughters and I want (no, need!) to be the one to do that! I joke about it with my husband all the time. I hope that I will be like you and be happy no matter what (and I think I will), but oh, please, let my first to be a girl! LOL

    • Stephanie

      haha, well that’s a good reason to want a girl, I bet it’d be awesome to have the first girl when your MIL has all little grandsons! I’m sure you will be happy no matter what!

  5. Danielle

    When we get pregnant (been trying for awhile with no luck), we are going to find out the sex. I just want a happy and healthy baby too. I can’t wait to see what baby sword will be!



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