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Most obvious confession ever coming right now… being pregnant has turned me into the world’s biggest sap and ten times more of a crier than I was before.  No one even knew that was possible!!

Right now it seems like every TV show and movie is an excuse to think about my future baby and all ups and downs our relationship will bring.  Stroking McKenna’s fur or cuddling with her makes my heart melt which leads me to touch my stomach and tear up with joy thinking about the arrival of my baby.  Watching The Scottish do well, anything, makes me consider how amazing he’ll be as a father, and then the floodgates open.

I can’t handle these hormones!  I mean, I love a good cry most of the time but this is getting out of control people!

sad selfie

sad staged selfie

In the last few weeks I have cried because:

The BFF told me a dog was surrendered back to foster care after being with its owner for 8 years.

My nurse told me they were going to need to draw some blood. (I hate blood, almost as much as vomit.)

The TV show MASH.  (When in Rome, you watch what The Father watches.)

The Mother told me a little girl at their church who has been abused her whole life was so happy because she was about to be adopted.

An Olympic figure skater had to withdraw from competition because of a back injury at what was sure to be his last Olympics.

Telling The Scottish that I don’t want to go to any of my OB appointments without him.  (He likes to come with but logistically it can be difficult with one car and him leaving work.)

Driving alone in my car during bad weather, viewing crash after crash, and praying that my child gets to live a full life.  (I know, such a downer.)

It’s true when they say your emotions are out of whack while pregnant.  I used to be able to stop myself from crying, especially in public, now I just wear sunglasses everywhere.

And then there’s the whole thinking about labor and birth that terrifies me to tears sometimes.  I’m really considering a med-free, natural birth if possible for both my back issues and personal reasons, but it seems really daunting to say the least.  I know I can do it, it’s more about beating the mental game of pain and whether or not I’ll have complications or have to be induced or labor for days on end.

I hate not having a plan, but the joke’s on me because giving birth is one area where you just have to wait it out and see what happens.  I do hope I go into labor naturally though, because I love the idea of our wee one picking their own birthday.

The funny thing is I don’t usually cry when I’m insanely happy.  I didn’t cry when The Scottish proposed or during our wedding vows (I did tear up on the walk down the aisle though and during our readings).  I almost cried during my 30th birthday surprise, and I didn’t cry when I saw those beautiful pink lines on a pregnancy test, rather I jumped up and down on the bed grinning like a fool, ran around the house like a kid and stuffed my face with orange rolls.  That was one hell of a morning.  I won’t ever forget that feeling.

I wonder if I will cry when I meet my child for the first time?  I don’t think it matters either way but I’m sure excited to find out.

Are you a crier too?  What’s the silliest thing you’ve cried about recently?

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4 Responses to “Cry Baby Cry”

  1. JennyinAZ

    Yes, I cry about everything! I can’t imagine how emotional I’ll be once/if I get pregnant! I actually cried for about 3 days leading up to my birthday last week, and then the day after, I felt completely fine again! No clue what that was all about…

  2. Michelle

    I too cry about everything! The idea that I could be even more emotional when pregnant makes me a little worried and I’m sure my husband will be totally freaked out! About 2 weeks ago, while channel surfing, we landed on Animal Planet and I saw a live animal (I’ve mentally blocked the details) being eaten by a few other animals and I started crying because of the pain the animal was probably in. Something about animals and children hits me harder than anything else! The commercials with Sarah McLachlan are the worst!

    • Stephanie

      I know, I was worried too because I was like, how can I be MORE emotional?!? Totally agree, animal movies and animals being hurt in movies make me SOB, same thing with little kids too. Those Sarah McLachlan commercials, totally the worst! We are kindred spirits. 🙂


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