Guys, my hubby turned 30 yesterday!  He’s finally joined me on the dark side.  Because he’s a hard-working guy, not only did he work on his birthday but he worked late!  But don’t feel too bad for him, he got two free meals and our family, (including my BFF) celebrated with him this past Sunday.  While it wasn’t a crazy night out of drinking, I can confidently say he had a great time.


We started the afternoon Skyping with his Mum and Dad in Scotland while opening gifts.  The Scottish specifically told me not to spend a lot of money on his birthday.   I believe his exact words were, “If you want to buy me something big get me a pram.”  In case you have no idea what he is talking about, let me clarify, my sweet husband thought I should buy a stroller for his 30th birthday because we need one for the baby.  Isn’t he selfless, and stupid?!? Not gonna happen!

I did try to stay as conservative as possible and bought him a pair of goggles and gloves (so he can get back into snowboarding) and a new Xbox One video game.  When he thought I had splurged on an Xbox One he looked around a bit angry and said, “She didn’t.”  And I really didn’t.  But his parents and sister, and brother-in-law did!  Yay!  He’s been talking about it since WAY before it came out and didn’t think he’d get one for a looong time, so it was really special to see him so happy.  Men and their toys, sheesh!  He also got spoiled from my siblings, their partners, and The BFF.  Even though I told everyone NOT to buy gifts.

After presents it was time for snow-shoeing in the backyard!  Have any of you tried this?  It’s SO MUCH FUN.  This means a lot coming from me, because I loathe all sorts of outdoor activities and I still had a great time.  Seriously, The Mother was shocked at how long I lasted outdoors.  To say we had tons of snow to shoe through is an understatement.


You may not know this but there’s actually a strategy to snow-shoeing.  The Sister borrowed the shoes from her school and has gone with her third graders a few times so she was our instructor.


Apparently the second person has the most difficult position.  The first person has the second most difficult.  They make the path but the second person has to step in between their steps to flatten more snow.  The people towards the back of the line should have a nice smooth path if the front people do their job correctly.  I enjoyed staying in the back, obvs.


Of course we ended up racing!


I raced The Father because he’s still recovering from years of knee problems and a surgery, so it was a fair race, Gimpy vs Preggo.  I think he beat me by a nose! We also did a lot of falling.  Turning and going backwards are near impossible.  Wipe out!



And while laying in the cold snow we took the opportunity to make snow angels!



Did I mention the temperature was a cool zero degrees Fahrenheit?  No matter, we still had fun!

After our play time in the snow, the men hooked up the new Xbox One console and proceeded to stare at a blank screen while it loaded and updated, while the women played cards and chatted.  Yep, gender stereotypes exist because sometimes they’re true!  You couldn’t pay me to watch a video game console get set up.  🙂


We ended The Scottish’s birthday with a nice dinner out and cake back at home.  I made his favorite, tres leches cake.  Delicious!  I follow the Betty Crocker recipe and it’s super easy to prepare.  Overall, it was a perfect day if I do say so myself!  Luckily, The Scottish agrees.  🙂

Next up, The BFF’s 30th birthday in April! The good times never stop!


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  1. Sara

    Playing in the snow sounds like the best way to spend a birthday! Looks so fun! Happy birthday to your hubby!



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