Hi Everybody!  First off I need to say, Welcome Weddingbee Readers!  Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to take a look around, put your feet up, and read through a post or two.  For those of you regular readers that have no idea what I’m talking about, today I posted on Weddingbee for my one year anniversary and extended an invite for those readers to visit Drama Happens, my new blogging home!

Speaking of DH, what does everyone think of the new site?  This was all coded by The Scottish and I am incredibly grateful for all his hard work!  I’m really impressed with how it looks but of course he has a million things he still wants to change.  The beauty of the blog world is that it’s constantly evolving and most of my favorite bloggers change their websites often.  So this won’t be the last update but for now, I hope you all enjoy the new look.

Anyway, now that we’ve taken care of business, let’s get to the meat of this post!  Not only did The Scottish and I celebrate our one year wedding anniversary this past weekend (more on that to come in a future post) but we also celebrated our two-year engagiversary recently.  Because why not? I love celebrating and I’m a glutton for special occasions.

Two years ago on Feb. 19th my parents were in Chicago and the four of us went to the John Hancock Building for drinks at the Signature Lounge.  The Scottish took me to the windows overlooking the most beautiful skyline and asked me to be his wife, making that one of the best days of my life.

Parents Visit Chicago Feb 2012 and Engagment! 114

Since we’re mooching off living with my parents right now we figured we take them out to dinner as a thank you while celebrating our engagiversary.  They were a part of all the original plan after all!  So where did we go?

The Embassy Suites Bloomington!  Our gorgeous wedding venue to be exact. The Mother got tears in her eyes when she walked through our hotel atrium again.


We had a delicious meal and got to reminisce about our beautiful wedding.  OK, so to be fair it was more The Mother and I reminiscing and The Scottish  and The Father nodding along while eating their steaks.  Ahh, good times.  One of my favorite photo locations at the Embassy Suites was the fountain.  Here is us in front of the fountain on our wedding day:

Almost exactly two years later we were back at the fountain looking like this:


Whomp. Whomp.  Not quite as glamorous and a bit fluffier.  But equally as happy!


I had to get another bump photo.  Coming later this week, The Wee One (aka Baby Sword)’s sex is revealed!!!  And fun fact, I had a dream about the gender the night before  my ultrasound and I was right!  Crazy.

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4 Responses to “A Pregnant Engagiversary”

  1. Erin

    yay bump photos! Today is my engagiversary! woohoo! Maybe I could convince the hubs to go out to dinner too! haha, yea right, it’s me who needs the convincing…all I want to do is save, save, save our moooooolllaaaa!

    • Stephanie

      Ahh, happy engagiversary a day late! Hoping you got to go to eat, I envy your saving abilities, for some reason, I always find a reason to go out to eat, haha.


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