Are you surprised?!?!  I wasn’t.  I actually had a dream the night before my 20 week appointment that we would go to the ultrasound and the technician would say boy.  To say The Scottish and I are excited is an understatement.  Remember how I felt a while ago on the whole boy or girl thing?  Well, knowing your baby is healthy is such a wonderful feeling. And knowing I’m going to have a son is just thrilling.  We couldn’t be happier!  🙂

We took the above pictures during The Scottish’s snow-shoeing birthday party and since we didn’t know what The Wee One was at the time, we took both boy and girl photos.  I found these sno-marker bottles in the kid’s clearance section at Target and we all had such a blast playing with them.

Anyway, so much to tell you guys!  First off, a few minor issues. Baby Boy is doing great and measuring right on target but his Mom has a few things to watch.  I guess I have a small uterine fibroid that my OB wants to keep an eye on to make sure it doesn’t grow too large and start stealing nutrients from the placenta.  She told me to avoid Google (haha), and since I know fibroids are common in women, especially during pregnancy I know there’s nothing to worry about at this point.  I also have a low-lying placenta (aka placenta previa) which means its covering my cervix, making vaginal birth not an option right now.  My OB thinks there is plenty of time for it to move up and away (aka placenta migration) and thanks to Google (hehe) I know that about 90% of placenta previa cases end up correcting themselves.

The Mother was quick to remind me that no knew of these issues back in the day and they still went on to have vaginal births.  She has a good point but now that we have this access to technology and knowledge, it’s good to be prepared and frankly, I’m just excited to see The Wee One again on another ultrasound the OB wants to have at 28 weeks!

Speaking of The Wee One, we didn’t get the best shot of his um, urm, manhood.  His legs were closed together in the fetal position (makes sense) for most of the appointment no matter how I shifted and moved!  The tech assured us she wouldn’t have said anything if she wasn’t positive and she did manage to get one photo when he opened his legs.  Success!  His profile pics are my favorite though!  And his little feet are adorable.

Can I just say I love ultrasound appointments but the absolute worst part of them is the whole FULL BLADDER thing.  They tell you to drink 24 ounces of water one half hour before your appointment.  Well, being the rule-follower I am, I did just that.  By the time The Scottish and I were driving to the appointment, I was MISERABLE.  Like, seriously in pain.  Every bump in the road was awful.

We got there early to fill out paperwork for our new insurance company and I walked around like I was in labor, breathing loudly, unable to concentrate on anything, and in complete agony.  I asked the front desk woman if I could just let a little bit out and she agreed, but said she probably wouldn’t be able to do that.  I was determined to enjoy my ultrasound and at this rate that wouldn’t be happening, so I went and peed a little.  I felt a tiny bit of relief but it was soon gone.

I ended up going TWO MORE times after that before my appointment and then waddled to the room when the technician called our name. She felt bad for me and said she would let me know as soon as I could empty my bladder. While looking at baby and bladder on the screen she could tell mine was still FULL, after peeing three times!  I was shocked, I felt like I’d let out so much liquid, but it was still full!?!?  The technician then explained that 85% of people are dehydrated and need to drink that before their appointments but next time I could drink half the recommended amount since I clearly don’t have that issue.  I am a person who is constantly drinking water from morning to night.  So in the future I plan on skipping the whole chugging water business and will just avoid a trip to the bathroom right before my appointment.

(And if you’re wondering why you need a full bladder in the first place, it’s because a full bladder pushes the bowels out of the way and the uterus out for a more clear picture.)

Well, now that I’ve over-shared all there is to know about my bladder and placenta, I’ll stop talking… for now.  🙂

But yay, it’s a boy!!

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18 Responses to “The Wee One is a…”

  1. Anita

    Hey, Stephanie!! So happy for you! I’ve followed you over from the WeddingBee, and I’m glad to see you are still writing! I’m thinking about starting a blog, but fear I will have nothing as exciting as this to write about. Congrats again to you and the Scottish!

    • Stephanie

      Hi and welcome, thanks for commenting!! 🙂 For what it’s worth, lots of people enjoying reading about everyday life, doesn’t have to be too crazy exciting all the time! I just love writing so I’ll keep writing even when I don’t have much to say, haha. Anyway good luck if you do start a blog! Thanks again!

  2. Robinbanans

    “The Mother was quick to remind me that no knew of these issues back in the day and they still went on to have vaginal births.”

    True, but also lots more people died. placenta previa is serious – I have an aunt who didn’t take it seriously enough, went into labor and almost died from bleeding out. So yeah – congratulations, but please take it seriously and follow doctor’s orders!

    • Stephanie

      Absolutely! So far there is nothing to be concerned about and no special orders but I will definitely follow whatever my OB says!

  3. Danielle

    Congrats on the baby boy! Do you have some names picked out yet? Nursery ideas? I can’t wait to see all the boy stuff.

    • Stephanie

      Thanks Danielle! We are working on names, a girl name seemed so much easier, haha. Yes, we have a nursery idea! I will have to blog about it!



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